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Zoomerang How to Create a Survey.

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1 Zoomerang How to Create a Survey

2 Select “Create Survey”
Creating a survey Sign in with your username and password at Create Select “Create Survey”


4 There are several ways to create a survey.
Use a template Copy an existing survey Start with a blank survey

5 Using a template Name your survey Preview a template

6 Start with a blank survey

7 Next, select your theme. There are several to choose from in four categories: standard, professional, outline, and boxes.

8 This is where you may customize the information participants see in the beginning and closing of the survey.

9 There are seven types of questions:
multiple choice, open ended, heading, rating scale, time & date, ranking, and name & address. There are example to help with each question type.

10 Examples and other choice to be made.

11 Select “Options” to set question characteristics.

12 Skip logic command From this question setup page, if is possible to direct the participant to various portions of the survey if you need very specific information.

13 If the screen out is selected
You may edit this to read the way you would like.

14 Ranking question This has a great drag and drop feature, allowing participants to drag the choices to place in the desired order. Once they have been place, participants may change the order by using the up and down arrows. This question type can be displayed either as a list of radio buttons, checkboxes, or as a drop-down list. Leaving the Allow Multiple Choices checkbox unselected will restrict the respondent to a single choice.

15 Edit any of the category names
Name and address Edit any of the category names VIP – Think how you want to use the information and what you need in individual fields – if you export to an Excel spreadsheet.

16 Select “My survey” from the blue task bar
Click on the survey name From this position, you may edit, launch, manage, and analyze the survey.

17 Select the survey you want to review
From here you may preview, edit, schedule a close or limit the number of responses.

18 You may enter an image or a video from insert
To Edit a question Once the question is entered and you decide you need to edit, then you will hover over the question and the commands will appear. Click on edit and make the needed corrections. You may enter an image or a video from insert

19 To insert an image or video
After selecting “INSERT” or when adding a question Click on the image icon and browse to the desired image or video

20 Activate a survey When your survey is complete, you are ready to Activate.

21 Deployment of survey Surveys may be deployed by several methods Direct link – Method I use. To accomplish this, place the name of your survey on the web page and highlight the survey name, click on hyperlink and paste the link to the survey. Embedding into a webpage

22 Close a survey There are several options You may manually close when you are finished with the survey. You may set a close date when the survey is set up. You may tell the survey to close following a desired number of responses.

23 Select the survey you want to close
Select the close date Schedule a close or limit the number of responses.

24 Analyze results Four ways to view: By individual responses
By each question Print Excel spread sheet

25 resources Zoomerang Quick Start Guides – A Zoomerang Survey Tutorial Under resources there are 43 excellent video tutorials however these are YouTube videos and you will have to watch from outside the JCS environment.

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