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Google Training By: Amy Shannon and Dave Auwerda.

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1 Google Training By: Amy Shannon and Dave Auwerda

2 Forms Visit Sign in using your gmail address and password. Click on Drive Click on Create and choose Form

3 Title and Description The first section of the form is to give your form a name and any instructions that you would like to add to help your audience fill out the form. Simply click and type.

4 Questions The next section is the beginning of questions that you would like to add to your form. If it is highlighted in yellow then it is is edit mode.

5 Question and Help Text Question Title: Type in your question. Help Text: (Optional) Type any comment that may help your responders fill out the answer.

6 Question Type Google Forms allows you to create a variety of question types. Simply click the drop down box and question type that you would like to use.

7 Text Text answers are short answer questions. Choose text from the question type and leave the answer choice blank.

8 Text Question in Live Form View Students will answer the question with a short answer.

9 Paragraph Text Choose paragraph text as a question type and leave the answer area blank.

10 Paragraph Text Question in Live Form View Students will answer in a paragraph format.

11 Multiple Choice Choose multiple choice as the question type. Type in your answer options.

12 Multiple Choice Question Live Form View Students will answer by selecting their answer choice.

13 Checkboxes Choose checkboxes for your question type. Type in answer choices.

14 Checkboxes Live Form View Students will answer by choosing all answers that apply.

15 Choose from a List Choose from a list as your question type. Type in all of your answer choice.

16 Choose from a List Live Form View Students will answer the question by selecting their answer from the drop down menu.

17 Scale Choose scale as your question type. Choose the beginning and ending number for your scale. Label your beginning and ending number.

18 Scale Live Form View Students will choose their number.

19 Grid Choose grid as your question type. Choose the number of columns. Choose the column and row labels.

20 Grid Live Form View Students will select their answers under the correct columns and rows.

21 Adding more questions. Click add item in the top left hand corner of your screen. Choose the question type that you would like to add. Fill out the question and answer choices. Choose make this a required question (optional). Click done.

22 Editing Tools Yellow Pencil-Edit Two Boxes-Duplicate Question Trash Can-Delete Question To make this appear simply move your mouse over the question you would like to edit.

23 Saving Your Question Always click done to save your question and answer choices.

24 Collecting Responses Be sure to check the following boxes if they apply to you. They are located at the top of the form in edit mode.

25 Saving Your Form The first time you work on your form you will have to click the save button at the top right of the form. After you have saved it once, google will automatically save any updates.

26 Other Options Available You can email this form to others. View responses in a spreadsheet view or in a summary. Embed the form into a blog, website, etc. (more actions) Edit Confirmations (more actions)

27 Theme You can choose a theme for your live form by clicking on theme at the top left of your form. Choose your theme and click apply on the preview page.

28 Viewing Your Live Form Go to your google drive and select the form. It will appear as a spreadsheet.

29 Viewing Your Live Form Continued... Click on form and select live form.

30 Filling Out a Live Form Answer all questions and then click submit.

31 Viewing Responses Go to your google drive and select the form. It will appear as a spreadsheet with all of your collected responses.

32 Viewing Summary of Responses Go to your spreadsheet view. Click on form and select show summary of responses.

33 Summary of Responses View Sample Response Summary by Clicking Summary Below. Summary

34 Flubaroo Flubaroo is a script that you can run to automatically grade your multiple choice forms. 1.Create a form. 2.Answer your form to make an answer key. 3.Have your students complete the form. 4.Open up the spreadsheet view of your form. 5.Click on insert and select script.

35 Flubaroo Continued... Type in Flubaroo in the search bar. Select Install

36 Authorize Flubaroo Click Authorize and then click close. You will now see that Flubaroo is installed and you can use with your spreadsheet.

37 Using Flubaroo Click on Flubaroo and click grade assignment

38 Using Flubaroo Continued... Choose a grading option for each question. Suggestion: Your first question should ask for the students name. This will make it easier for you to identify which student the answers are for. If you do then that questions grading option would be identifies student. Click Continue

39 Using Flubaroo Continued... Choose the first submission (the one you did) as the answer key. Click Continue

40 Using Flubaroo Continued... You will see the following window once Flubaroo has graded all of the assignments. Click View Grades

41 Flubaroo Report Flubaroo will give you a submission time, total points possible, a final percent, how many times a person submitted, their point value per question, and the percent of students that got each question correct. Example Report

42 Formula =if(C8<=75%,"Needs Intervention","On Grade Level") The above formula can be added to the spreadsheet to tell a teacher right away if the student's percentage shows that they are on grade level or needs an intervention. C8 is the cell where the percentage shows 75% can be changed to any percent you wish Needs Intervention and On Grade Level can be changed to any outcome you would like.

43 Formula =VLOOKUP(C13,NamedRange1,2) 0%Needs Intervention 76%On Grade Level 90%Enrichment The above formula gives 3 output options. To see how to do this you can visit the following link. This can also be setup to automatically output a letter grade as well.

44 Using Templates

45 Locating Templates 1. Open your Google Drive / Documents 2. Choose "Create" then, "From Template"

46 Locating Templates 3. Choose search parameters: Choose "Public Templates" By default, Google chooses your Organization's templates. Choose "Public" to widen your search.

47 Searching Templates 4. Search by Category... There is a category for students/teachers!... or Use the Search Box

48 Template Selection Sample 5. Type in a search parameter 6. Search Results Potential matches are listed, and can be sorted in a number of ways. Each match will give you a sample screenshot, and some basic info on that template.

49 Template Selection Sample 7. Search the templates until you see one that may work for you. Then you can use it or preview it to get a closer look. This will drop the template into your Google Drive. This will open a preview window to get a better look.

50 Previewing Template Template Information Template Preview If the template looks like you can use it, choose "Use this Template". If not, choose "Browse template gallery" to view more choices.

51 Finding Template in your Drive The template should be downloaded as a "Copy of...." and should be at the top of your Drive list. If you don't see it, try sorting by "Last opened" or "Last edited".

52 Editing Template Change the name to something that makes sense for you. Edit as necessary to make it work for you.

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