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1 Social Media for MSP’s - Unusual tips that work.

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1 1 Social Media for MSP’s - Unusual tips that work

2 2 Richard Tubb Providing Expert Help to IT companies @tubblog Owen Kane Owner, KRS Multimedia Solutions @PCHelpdeskCA

3 3 What is the ROI of Social Media? » Establishes you as a subject matter expert » Begins process of building trust in you » Gives you visibility » Typically used as a conversation starter » Business can be won thanks to Social Networking!

4 4 Be a Content Creator Curator

5 5 Start conversations Twitter Advanced Search

6 6 Video killed the radio star » YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine behind Google » People love video! » Customise your YouTube landing page – see » Setup a custom URL – I use

7 7 Share and share alike » Make it easy for your tribe to share your content » Have your social share buttons displayed prominently on any content

8 8 Google+ - The social spine of Google » It's not a ghost town, 190 million users, 1 million businesses... and growing

9 9 Getting started » Create a personal account » Set your privacy settings » Create a company page » Complete your business profile » Upload banner images » Spiffy up your profile photos » Verify your business page » Connect with Google analytics » Integrate with Adwords campaign (Social media dashboard) » Find people, pages, topics companies and brands to engage » Set up some circles » Join Hangouts

10 10 Circles and Ripples » Circles are the distinguishing factor in Google+ » Find two people you know add and invite to your circles » Use Google+ Search to find people & topics » Grow your audience - post, comment, start conversations. » Use #hashtags » Use photos and videos » Use Events » Use Google ripples to find: » Potential influencers » Like minded people » Potential clients

11 11 Google+ Hangouts » Circles are the distinguishing factor in Google+ » Online demonstrations » Online education sessions » Brand awareness » Product and services feedback » Team meetings » Project management » Share screens, applications, presentations and Google docs » Hangouts on air - live streamed and recorded on Youtube

12 12 Google+ Hangouts » As Google+ user it is important to keep tabs on your Google Plus Reputation. » Identifying all the places that people mention you » Engage with your people who comment, +1 and share your posts. » Thanking people for sharing your content » Add people that engage with you to your circles » Comment on a post when someone mentions your name » Check out who is adding you to their circles. » Use these links on a regular basis to help manage your reputations » All Notifications –> » Circle Adds –> » Mentions Of you –> posts –> people’s posts –> people’s posts –>

13 13 Google+ links and resources » How to use Google+ and make social media work for you » Ultimate and unofficial Google+ followers list » Google+ Tutorials » Google+ learn more from Google » Google+ for Entrepreneurs » MSP Business Excellence - Great Example Google+ Page using events

14 14 Activate Google Authorship » Credits you as the author of an article » Adds authors picture to your Google search listing » Easy to setup. Follow guide from Rick DeJarnette at

15 15 Remember it’s a Conversation » Respond to feedback in a timely fashion » Be ready to respond if you post a question » Acknowledge those who share your content » If you see Social Media as anything other than a conversation…your followers will soon get bored

16 16 Owen’s Contact Details » On Twitter - @pchelpdeskca@pchelpdeskca » Google+ » Google +

17 17 Four ways to connect with Richard to continue the conversation information » Subscribe to my blog at - featuring news and advice for SMB IT » Connect with me on LinkedIn at to see how I may be able to help you if you’re an IT » Follow me on Twitter @tubblog for a heads-up on content you’ll find useful@tubblog » Circle me on Google+ at to gain access to content I don’t share

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