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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)

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1 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)

2 Early Life Born 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. He was only child
In wealthy family Died 1945 in Warm Springs, GA Believed in working for good of others Learned from tutors at home until age of 14 Age of 14, he attended boarding school

3 The boarding school he attended had programs to help the community.
Franklin met people who had trouble making enough money to live. He felt it was his duty to help people. Married Eleanor Roosevelt Together they worked to help people.

4 Personal Challenges 1910 He ran for New York State Senate. He won the election. 1921 He became ill with polio. 1924 He began to visit Warm Springs for warm water treatments to help with his polio. He did not let being paralyzed stop him from working toward his dream of helping others.

5 Personal Challenges 1928 he ran for governor of New
York and he won the election. 1929 The Great Depression began. Businesses closed and millions lost their jobs. He started programs to give people jobs building parks and roads. He also started programs to give food, clothing, and housing to people in need.

6 The New Deal 1932 Roosevelt ran for President of the United States. He promised to help people with a program called the New Deal. 1933 – He was elected President. Started program called the New Deal to help people get back to work. The government started programs that gave people jobs. Some of the jobs that people worked were at national parks, forests, beaches, and campgrounds.

7 (WPA) Workers Progress Administration
Important New Deal Program Gave people jobs building roads, parks and airports around the U.S. Some people looked after children or sewed clothes. Artists were paid to paint pictures in government buildings. Writers were paid to write books about the history of their states. WPA gave people jobs and pride in helping themselves get through the Great Depression.

8 During this time, Eleanor traveled around the country and talked about the problems in the United States. She shared information with FDR. 1936 and 1940 Franklin was elected for President for 2nd and 3rd time. Franklin continued to help Americans during the Great Depression with jobs.

9 World War II 1939 World War II started.
Great Britain and France were fighting against dictatorships in Germany and Italy. President Roosevelt told Americans that he did not want Americans to be apart of the war, but he believed that our country should help Great Britain and France to keep democracy in Europe. Other countries began apart of the war.

10 Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese planes attacked the American navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. American became part of World War II after this attack. American soldiers worked with Great Britain and France to defeat Germany, Italy, and Japan. Many nations all over the world became a part of the war after this happened.

11 What happened after Pearl Harbor?
Roosevelt encouraged Americans to work together to help win the war. He used radio speeches to explain how Americans could help win the war. He reminded people that soldiers were fighting for democracy and liberty. He said that hard work and cooperation would bring victory.

12 Roosevelt 4th Presidency
1944 elected President for fourth time Roosevelt was tired but didn’t want to stop being president until the war was over. 1945 He met with world leaders to plan for ways to prevent wars The world leaders formed the United Nations (UN). This was a group of countries who work together to help keep world peace, make international laws, and work for human rights of all citizens. Died 1945 right before the war in Europe ended.

13 Roosevelt’s Legacy Many people feel he is the nation’s greatest President Many programs he started are still in effect today. He is a hero because he did not let his disabilities keep him from reaching his goals. 2002 Roosevelt Memorial was created in Washington, D.C. It is the first memorial without steps so people with disabilities can access it.

14 Roosevelt Memorial

15 IMPACT OF NEW DEAL The New Deal helped millions of Americans have jobs during the Great Depression. These jobs built things that made life easier for Americans. New Deal projects included building roads, bridges, dams, libraries, schools and airports. Other projects brought electricity to parts of the country that did not have it before. PEOPLE TODAY STILL BENEFIT FROM NEW DEAL PROJECTS!!

16 What character traits did FDR have?
He showed cooperation by working with his wife to help other people. He showed diligence by spending years to regain his strength to walk after he had polio. He showed liberty by leading the U.S. in a fight against dictators who took away other citizen’s freedoms.

17 IMPORTANT LOCATIONS New York: the state where Roosevelt lived and worked before becoming President. He was a New York senator and governor. Warm Springs, GA Roosevelt visited this town to participate in warm water treatments to help his muscles after suffering from polio. He liked it so much he built a house their.

18 Campaign time before an election when people running for office try to convince people to vote for them

19 Cooperate Work together with someone

20 Democracy A government where people have the right to make decisions

21 Dictatorship A country where the ruler has complete power and sometimes treats people cruelly.

22 Diligently Working hard for a goal for a long period of time

23 Disabled having a condition that makes it difficult to do something

24 Liberty Freedom from being controlled by someone else

25 Public service Work for the good of others, often through a job in the government

26 Great Depression Time in American during the 1930s when businesses closed; banks lost money; and people lost their jobs, home and money.

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