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People who Shaped America

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1 People who Shaped America
Paul Revere Thurgood Marshall Eleanor Roosevelt Susan B. Anthony Famous Americans Cesar Chavez People who Shaped America Mary McLeod Bethune Frederick Douglass Franklin Roosevelt Lyndon B. Johnson

2 Biography A biography is a type of story that tells about a person’s life. Over the next couple of weeks in social studies we are going to use biographies to learn about some famous Americans who made America a better place.

3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Was President of the United States longer than any other President He was president during a very difficult time in United States’ history. He was very active and hard working that some people didn’t know he couldn’t walk after age 39(he had polio).

4 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Early in his life he believed that public service, or working for the good of others was very important. He was born in Hyde Park, New York in 1882. He grew up around money and had anything he wanted.

5 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Since his family was rich they could afford boarding school when he was 14. At school they had programs that allowed students to help people in the community. This allowed Roosevelt to see how other people who had no money lived. This made him want to help those who were less fortunate.

6 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In his last year of boarding school he ran his school’s summer camp. This camp was for boys whose parents did not have money to pay for camp or vacations. He also helped an elderly woman make sure she had everything she needed.

7 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin’s older cousin was Theodore Roosevelt who had been governor of New York and Vice President of the United States. In 1901 Theodore became President of the United States and Franklin wanted to follow in his footsteps.

8 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin went to law school after college. While in law school he met and married Eleanor Roosevelt. She also felt that it was important to help others. Franklin was impressed by her serious ways and the work that she had already done.

9 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In 1910 Roosevelt ran for the New York State Senate. During his campaign, or the time when you try and convince people to vote for you, he worked so hard that people felt that he would work hard in the Senate as well. He won the election.

10 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In 1921 Franklin got a serious disease that affected his ability to walk. It was polio and there was no cure at the time. He needed help doing many things that were everyday tasks. He was afraid that he couldn’t keep doing his work in politics but Eleanor encouraged him.

11 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roosevelt exercised dilgently hoping to walk again. In 1924 visited Warm Springs Georgia because of the warm water there was supposed to help those who had polio. He returned there many times and built a house there.

12 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
After a lot of work Roosevelt could walk a few steps with crutches or by leaning on other people but he had to use a wheelchair to get around. In 1928 he ran for governor of New York. Some people were afraid of his disease and thought he couldn’t do the job.

13 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
One of Roosevelt’s friends ended that argument by saying, “A governor doesn’t need to do back-flips. He just needs a good brain.” He won the election.

14 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The Great Depression began soon after Roosevelt became the governor. In 1929 there were millions of people who lost their jobs and homes. As governor he began programs that helped people get jobs.

15 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In 1932 Roosevelt ran for President of the United States. He promised a New Deal for the United States. Roosevelt ran a campaign of confidence and hopefulness. He won.

16 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
He became president in He connected with the people with radio addresses and helped America see that being afraid would do nothing. His New Deal promise of jobs for people began working with programs that gave people jobs. The Civilian Conservation Corps put people to work in national parks, forests, beaches, and campgrounds.

17 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The Works Progress Administration was another program that allowed people to build buildings, roads, parks, and airports. Roosevelt and Eleanor cooperated with each other to help the country get back on its feet. She traveled around the United States to help see and hear all the things that the American people were going through.

18 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In 1936 Roosevelt ran for President again. He had helped people face hard times and keep hope alive. He won the election. There were harder times to come.

19 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
In 1939 Great Britain and France went to war against dictatorships in Germany and Italy. Dictatorships are places where the rulers has complete power and sometimes rules cruelly. Most people in the United States did not want to get involved. In 1940 Roosevelt was elected President for a third time becoming the first President to do so.

20 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roosevelt said that he did not want to enter the war but felt that they should help Britain and France defend democracy in Europe. Democracy is where the people have the power to make political decisions. In 1941 on December 7 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Japan was on the side of Germany and Italy. This prompted the United States to join the war.

21 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
By the time World War II ended in 1945 nations from every part of the world were involved. Roosevelt urged Americans to work together by having men and women join the armed forces and women had to do jobs that were once done by men.

22 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The war caused a shortage on many things such as food and gas. People had to find other ways to make sure they had what the needed. While the war was still going on Roosevelt reminded the people that they were fighting for liberty. In 1944 Roosevelt won a fourth term as President. He was very tired but wanted to see the war end.

23 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Early in 1945 it seemed that the war was coming to an end. Roosevelt met with other world leaders to try and come up with ways in which other wars could be prevented. He helped form the United Nations.

24 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Just before the war ended Roosevelt died. In August 1945 the war ended in due part to Roosevelt’s leadership. He helped ensure democracy in different parts of the world.

25 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roosevelt is often thought of as one of our best Presidents. Many of the programs he started still help people today. The Tennessee Valley Authority brought electricity to farms and homes in the South and also built many dams to help protect against flooding.

26 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roosevelt was also very courageous in that he didn’t let his disability prevent him from doing what he wanted to do. The Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C. is the first Presidential memorial with no steps so anyone in a wheelchair can visit it easily. He led a life that was full of courage and confidence. He was a person that America could believe in.

27 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
He led the United States in fighting for liberty during WWII. He also worked hard with other leaders and cooperated with them. He taught people to work together when the going was tough.

28 Character Traits Cooperation means working together with others. Roosevelt worked with his wife and world leaders. Diligence means working hard at something for a long time. Roosevelt showed this by trying to get his strength back in his legs. Liberty is when people live free from unfair laws and government control. Roosevelt valued this as shown in his leadership during WWII.

29 Information for this PowerPoint Provided by
Title: American Heroes: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Author: Nathan Asher Katzin Copyright 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company

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