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Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd U.S. President ( )

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1 Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd U.S. President (1882-1945)
By Trace DeFreezer

2 Table of Contents Biography Early Life
Political Life Before Presidency and Polio Roosevelt enters the White House Roosevelt and the New Deal Roosevelt and World War II Roosevelt's Death Glossary

3 Biography Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York. He became the 32nd U.S. president in 1933, and was the only president to be elected four times. F.D.R. led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. He, also, made the U.S. better by his reforms and programs such as the New Deal. He died April 12, 1945.

4 Early Life F.D.R. was born into a wealthy family on January 30, The Roosevelts made a lot of money in real estate and trade. Franklin was the only child of James and Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt. While growing up, Franklin was educated by tutors and governesses until he was 14. In 1896, Franklin Roosevelt attended Groton School for boys. Franklin did not fit in at this school because most boys at the school were athletes and he was not.

5 Early Life cont. Franklin entered Harvard University determined that he was going to be a great man even though he was a “C” student. He became engaged to Eleanor Roosevelt, his fifth cousin during his last year at Harvard. They married on March 17, 1905.

6 Early Life cont. In 1907, Franklin studied law at Columbia University Law School. He passed the bar but did not receive a degree. He practiced law for three years but found this boring. He decided that he wanted to do something greater.

7 Political Life before Presidency
At age 28, Roosevelt was invited to run for the New York state Senate. Even though his family was Republican, he ran as a Democrat in the district that had voted Republican for 32 years. He won. As a state senator, Roosevelt befriended Louis Howe who helped him in his career for nearly 25 years.

8 Political Life before Presidency cont.
Roosevelt was re-elected in 1912 and served as the chair of the agricultural committee, passing farm, labor bills and social welfare programs. In 1914, Roosevelt decided to run for U.S. Senate for New York but had lack of support from the White House. In 1920, Roosevelt’s political career was doing very well. He accepted the nomination for vice president but was defeated. This gave him national exposure.

9 Polio While taking a vacation in Canada, F.D.R. contracted Polio. He tried many therapies and even bought the warm springs resort in Georgia seeking a cure. With his wifes help, he continued his political career even though he never got full use of his legs.

10 Glossary Great Depression – 1929 to 1939 longest lasting economic downturn. New Deal – designed to improve conditions for persons suffering in the Great Depression. Governesses – a lady or woman employed to teach and train children. Republican – of a form of government. Democrat – an advocate or supporter of democracy. Agricultural – the science or practice of farming. Exposure – the fact or condition of being exposed Polio – a virus that may cause paralysis

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