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Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968.

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1 Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968

2 Martin Luther King: A Great Civil Rights Leader

3 Martin Luther King believed in freedom and equality for all people.
He did not believe in violence. He wanted to change the laws through peaceful actions.

4 Jim Crow Laws

5 African-Americans were not permitted in certain restaurants, hotels, schools, theaters, and other public places. As a child Martin was not allowed to use the same restrooms, drink from the same water fountains, or go to the same schools as white children. Martin Luther King wanted to change these laws.

6 His Childhood

7 Martin’s parents taught him responsibility and to treat others with respect.
Martin began to read before he started school. He liked to read about African- American heroes.

8 Martin’s best friend as a child was a white boy and as children they played happily together.
When they reached school age the friends found that even though they lived in the same neighborhood, they could not go to the same school.

9 Martin’s friend went to a school for white children only and Martin was sent to a school for black children. After the first day of school Martin and his friend were never allowed to play together again.

10 College Years

11 Martin started college when he was only 15 years old.
He attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied hard and became a minister.

12 He graduated at age 18 and then went to a school for ministers in Pennsylvania.
While at college Martin studied a man named Gandhi who led the people of India to change laws in their country peacefully.

13 Martin then went to Boston University where he earned the title of “Doctor”.
He met his future wife, Coretta Scott, while he was living in Boston.

14 Dr. King’s Adult Life

15 In 1954 Martin and Coretta moved to Alabama where he became a pastor.
He wanted to change the laws of segregation.


17 In Alabama, African-Americans had to ride in the back of the bus and they had to give up their seats to white people.

18 On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus.
She was arrested. Dr. King called for a boycott of the buses.



21 For the next year the African-American people of Montgomery, Alabama did not ride the buses.
The bus companies lost a lot of money.

22 Some people were threatened and attacked, but they still refused to ride the buses.
Dr. King encouraged his friends to be peaceful and not fight back.

23 It took a year, but the law was changed.
African-American people could sit on any seat in the bus and they did not have to give up their seat to someone else.

24 For years Dr. King traveled and gave speeches about freedom.
There were many boycotts and marches for freedom. Dr. King always urged his followers to be peaceful.

25 People often tried to stop Dr. King and sometimes they put him in jail.
He was called names and treated badly. Someone threw a bomb at his house.


27 Because of Dr. King’s leadership laws were changed throughout the south.
In 1963, over 250,000 people who supported equal rights marched in Washington.


29 While in Washington, Dr. King gave his most famous speech
While in Washington, Dr. King gave his most famous speech. It was called, “I Have a Dream”.


31 In 1964, Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
He was the youngest man to ever earn this prize. He was also the first African- American to be on the cover of Time magazine as their “Man of the Year”.


33 In April, 1968 Dr. King was in Tennessee planning a march for poor people.
He was assassinated by James Earl Ray while he stood on the balcony of his hotel room.


35 People all over the world were shocked and saddened by his death.


37 Dr. King believed he could change things for the better and do it without violence. He made our country a better place to live in. He was a courageous man.


39 To honor his memory we celebrate his birthday as a National holiday.
The third Monday of every January is known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

40 QUIZAnswer all of the questions with a complete sentence on a sheet of paper.
When was Martin Luther King born? 2. How old was Martin when he started college? 3. Where did Martin go to college? 4. Who did Martin marry? 5. When Martin became a pastor, where was his church?

41 Quiz 6. What did Martin lead in Montgomery, Alabama?
7. What was the famous speech that Martin gave in Washington, D.C.? 8. What great honor did Martin receive in ? 9. How did Martin die? 10. When is Martin Luther King Day celebrated?

42 The photographs included in this PowerPoint are the property of The Center for American History, University of Texas and are used for educational purposes with their permission.

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