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Compressed Air Piping Systems by Asahi/America

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1 Compressed Air Piping Systems by Asahi/America
Air-ProTM Compressed Air Piping Systems by Asahi/America

2 Air-Pro Material MATERIAL Eltex TUB 124 High Density Polyethylene
Blue Color Code (1/2-4”) Black Color (6-12”) Blue coded may be available upon request

230 psi at 70 F mm(1/2 - 4”) Socket Fusion 150 psi at 70 f mm (6 - 12”) Butt & all Electro-Fusion JOINING METHOD: Socket Fusion (1/2 - 4”) Electro-Fusion (1/2 - 12”) Butt Fusion (6 - 12”) Puts an end to leaky threads Sets in minutes, no waiting for cure times

4 Ductility California-OSHA Pressure Testing: Impact Testing
Quick Burst Pressure Test 1000 Hour Pressure Test Impact Testing Sharp, Object Strike -Pressurized Blunt, Object Strike -Pressurized Object Strike -0 F -Pressurized

5 Ductility MODE OF FAILURE Cal-OSHA Compliance
SMALL LINEAR TEARS Cal-OSHA Compliance Non-Catastrophic Failure Mode

6 Chemical Resistance Resistance to Mineral and Synthetic Compressor Oil
Resistance to wide range of Chemical and Vapors No solvent joining cements to worry about!

AIR-PRO C = 150 IRON C = 100 TO 110 AGED: IRON C = Decreased Decrease is due to Internal Corrosion, Pitting and scaling

8 Pressure Drop Comparison
Metal L= 200 m p= 12 bar V= 40 l/s result: pipe dimension: ID= 53,0 mm OD= 60,3 mm pressure drop: Dp= psi Air - Pro L= 200 m p= 12 bar V= 40 l/s result: pipe dimension: ID= 53,0 (54) mm OD= 72,6 (75) mm pressure drop: Dp= psi Difference of pressure drop ~26%

9 Stress Curve The calculated service life of pipe is based on the results of the creep rupture tests under internal compression carried out by the material manufacturers as per DIN 8075, and on long-term tests of the ageing stability in temperature controlled oxygen fresh water. MRS 10: minimum required strength for an operating time of 50 years and a temperature of 20°C = 10 N/mm2 Design life of 50 years

10 Pressure vs. Temperature
Values based on 20mm-110mm Socket Fusion Material

11 Design Criteria – Thermal Expansion
L = 12 LT L = Change in Length (inches) =Coefficient of Thermal Expansion L = Length of pipe run T = Change in Temperature

12 Design Criteria – Gooseneck Drops
Removal of condensation in drops/branches

13 Supply Range – Socket Fusion
Size Range: 20mm – 110mm (1/2”-4”) SDR 7 material 230psi pressure rated Available Fittings: Pipe, 90s, 45s, Reducers, Tees, Reducing Tee, MNPT Adapters, FNPT Adapters, Ball Valves, Flanges… Available 20-90mm

14 Supply Range – Butt Fusion
Size Range: 160mm – 315mm (6”-12”) SDR 11 material 150psi pressure rated Available Fittings: Pipe, 90s, 45s, Reducers, Tees, Reducing Tee, & Flanges…

15 Supply Range – Electrofusion
Size Range Couplings: 20mm – 315mm (1/2”-12”) 150psi pressure rated Available Fittings: Couplings Tapping Saddles Tapping Saddles w/ Valves

16 Type 078 Tapping Saddle Low Branch Height PE-Sealing Cap
Stainless Steel Tapping Screw EPDM O-Ring Cap Seal

17 Series 079 Tapping Saddle Integral tapping screw and sealing valve
Complete PE coated valve Functional integral on-off valve

18 Series 079 Tapping Saddle Sealing Ring Completely Coated PE Valve
Valve Sealing Surface Embedded Brass Insert Tapping Screw Completely Coated PE Valve End Stop Valve Seat

19 Installation Options Socket-Fusion Electrofusion Butt Fusion
Equipment is Light Weight Maneuverable in Tight Restraints Material is Light Weight, Flexible and Bendable Requires No Prior Experience Electrofusion Excellent for tight quarters Perfect repairs, additions and changes Butt Fusion Easy machine operations Fittings can be re-used Easy line repair Quality can be inspected NO CURE TIMES REQUIRED!!

20 Socket Fusion

21 Socket Fusion cleaning of the pipe and the fitting. Bevel or Peel dependent upon size pressing the pipe and the fitting on the heating element for preheating remove and join the pipe and fitting together Leaving the joint without load during the cooling time visual control of the joint recommended procedure: by hand up to OD 40 mm (1¼“) use welding equipment for dimensions > OD 40 mm (1¼“)

22 Electrofusion Secure and Mark Depth Connect Leads Peal Surface
Scan Bar Code Start Weld Mark Depth Peal Surface Clean Weld Area Insert and Align

23 Butt Fusion

24 Welding Machines

25 Welding Accessories – Electro-Fusion
Tapping Saddle Clamping Tool Tapping Saddle Set Scraper Tool Required for Electrofusion

26 Welding Accessories – Socket Fusion
Pipe Scraper Recommended for 90mm-110mm Socket Fusion Pipe Beveller Recommended for 20-63mm Socket Fusion

27 Thank You Questions?

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