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2 Armaflex DuoSolar Insulation parameters
Maximum Line Temperature: Up to +175°C – short time Up to +150°C - constant Thermal Conductivity l(40°c) 0,042 W/(m·K) Difussion resistance coefficient m ≥ tubes Reaction to Fire Class E UV resistant

3 Armaflex DuoSolar Armaflex DuoSolar CU Designation
Copper tube outer Ø (mm) Insulation thickness (mm) Insulation outer Ø (mm) Coll length 10 m Coll length 15 m Coll length 20 m Coll length 25 m ARMAFLEX DuoSolar CU 12 FEF 14 12 14 2 x 40 - SO-DC-14X12/E15 SO-DC-14X12/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar CU 15 FEF 14 15 2 x 43 S0-DC-14X15/E10 SO-DC-14X15/E15 SO-DC-14X15/E20 SO-DC-14X15/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar CU 18 FEF 14 18 2 x 46 SO-DC-14X18/E10 SO-DC-14X18/E15 SO-DC-14X18/E20 SO-DC-14X18/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar CU 15 FEF 20 20 2 x 55 SO-DC-20X15/E15 SO-DC-20X15/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar CU 18 FEF 20 2 x 58 SO-DC-20X18/E15 SO-DC-20X18/E25 Armaflex DuoSolar VA Designation Corrugated hose outer Ø (mm) Insulation thickness Ø (mm) Insulation outer Ø (mm) Coll length 10 m Coll length 15 m Coll length 20 m Coll length 25 m ARMAFLEX DuoSolar DN 16 FEF 14 DN 16 14 2 x 50 SO-DV-14X16/E10 SO-DV-14X16/E20 SO-DV-14X16/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar DN 20 FEF 14 DN 20 2 x 55 SO-DV-14X20/E10 SO-DV-14X20/E15 SO-DV-14X20/E20 SO-DV-14X20/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar DN 25 FEF 14 DN 25 2 x 60 - SO-DV-14X25/E15 SO-DV-14X25/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar DN 16 FEF 20 20 2 x 61 SO-DV-20X16/E15 SO-DV-20X16/E25 ARMAFLEX DuoSolar DN 20 FEF 20 2 x 67 SO-DV-20X20/E15 SO-DV-20X20/E25

4 Armaflex DuoSolar THE PATENTED EASY-TO-INSTALL, PREINSULATED PIPING SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENCY IN SOLAR HOT WATER APPLICATIONS • Reduces cost and saves time of assembly • Resistance against environmental impact • Reduces energy loss and minimises CO2 emissions • Wide range of additional accessories available

5 Armaflex DuoSolar Armaflex DuoSolar Armaflex DuoSolar 220

6 Armaflex DuoSolar Armaflex DuoSolar is available in two versions:
Armaflex DuoSolar VA with corrugated stainless steel hoses Armaflex DuoSolar CU with copper pipes Max pressure 16 bar (DN16) 10 bar (DN20) 10 bar (DN25) 79 bar (OD12mm) 62 bar (OD15mm) 65 bar (OD18mm)

7 Armaflex DuoSolar 220 Flexible, easy-to-install
double pipe system which is able to withstand operating temperatures up to 220 °C in evacuated tube collectors

8 Armaflex DuoSolar VA – Standard Fitting Set
DN 16 DN 20 DN 25 Fitting set with 4 of each spring rings, union nuts, washers S0-VA-FIT-16/4 S0-VA-FIT-20/4 S0-VA-FIT-25/4 Set of 2 Double nipple S0-VA-DNI-16 S0-VA-DNI-20 S0-VA-DNI-25 Clamping jaw for flange tool S0-VA-BACK-16 S0-VA-BACK-20 S0-VA-BACK-25 Flange tool base element, without clamping jaw DN 12 - DN 25 S0-VA-FLA Pipe Hangers Armaflex DuoSolar CU Armaflex DuoSolar VA SCH-CU12-FEF14 SCH-DN16-FEF14 SCH-CU15-FEF14 SCH-DN20-FEF14 SCH-CU18-FEF14 SCH-DN25-FEF14 SCH-CU15-FEF20 SCH-DN16-FEF20 SCH-CU18-FEF20 SCH-DN20-FEF20

9 Outer diameter pipe + insulation mm
Armaflex DuoSolar 220 Fittings Pipes Design Type Connection DN16 DN20 DN25 Quick fitting coupling with male tapered thread for metal-to-metal sealing screw joints R1/2 S0-SDN16-E1/2 R3/4 R1 R1 1/4 G3/4 G1 G1/2 G1 1/4 CU12 CU15 CU18 CU22 Clamping ring for quick fitting coupling - Nominal width DN Code Thickness [mm] Outer diameter pipe + insulation mm Ring length [m] DN 16 SD-D2-22X16/E15 22 2 x 65 15 SD-D2-22X16/E25 25 DN 20 SD-D2-22X20/E15 2 x 71 SD-D2-22X20/E25 DN 25 SD-D2-22X25/E15 2 x 76 SD-D2-22X25/E25 2 x76

10 Adhesive HT 625 – special glue
For EPDM insulation use only Armaflex HT 625 Adhesive This adhesive can be used with allother Armaflex insulations Available in cans: 0,2; 0,5; 1 litre Armaflex DuoSolar

11 Armaflex DuoSolar 220 Insulation material: Composite EPDM rubber based foam. Carrier pipe: Corrogated stainless steel hose: austenitic stainless steel Covering: polyolefin copolymer foil In the return pipe, a sensor cable (2 x 0,75 mm²)

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