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Gas Transmission Pipelines

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1 Gas Transmission Pipelines

2 Gas Transmission Pipelines
1.0 SCOPE Operation/Maintenance of Gas Transmission Piping Systems Design Fabrication Installation Inspection Testing Safety

3 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Intent Provide engineering specifications for safe construction, opera-tion, maintenance, and inspection of gas transmission piping systems. Shall meet or exceed ASME/ANSI B31.8 and DOT 49CFR192.

4 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Exclusions Design and fabrication of pressure vessels covered by ASME BPV Code Piping with metal temperatures above 450oF or below -20oF Design and manufacture of proprietary items of equipment, apparatus, or instruments Hazardous liquid pipelines (B31.4)

5 Gas Transmission Pipelines
3.0 PIPING SYSTEMS DEFINITIONS General Terms Piping Systems Pressure Relief Valves

6 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Piping Systems Component Definitions Pipe and Piping Terms Dimensional Terms Mechanical Properties Carbon Steel Pipe Pipe Manufacturing Processes

7 Gas Transmission Pipelines
4.0 Design, Fabrication, Operation, and Testing Terms LOCATION CLASS Uprating Pressure Terms Temperature Terms Stress Terms

8 Gas Transmission Pipelines
5.0 MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT Qualifications of Materials and Equipment Marking Material Specifications - Steel Pipe Equipment Specifications Transportation of Line Pipe Conditions for the Reuse of Line Pipe

9 Gas Transmission Pipelines
6.0 WELDING Welding Terms Preparation for Welding Butt Welds Fillet Welds Seal Welds

10 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Qualification of Procedures and Welders Requirements for Piping Systems Operating at Hoop Stresses Less Than 20% SMYS Requirements for Piping Systems Operating at Hoop Stresses More Than 20% SMYS Variables Requiring Separate Qualification of Welding Procedures and Welders Welder Requalification Requirements Qualification Records

11 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Preheating and Stress Relieving Preheating Stress Relieving Maximum carbon or carbon equivalent Thickness Dissimilar materials Fillet and groove weld limitations Stress Relieving Temperatures Methods of Stress Relieving Equipment for Local Stress Relieving

12 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Welding and Inspection Tests Inspection of Welds on Piping Systems Intended to Operate at Less Than 20% SMYS Inspection and Tests for Quality Control of Welds on Piping Systems Intended to Operate at 20% or more of SMYS Repair or removal of defective welds in piping intended to operate at 20% or more of SMYS

13 Gas Transmission Pipelines
7.0 PIPING SYSTEM COMPONENTS AND FABRICATION DETAILS Valves and pressure reducing devices Flanges Standard fittings Branch connections Special connections fabricated by welding Closures

14 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Reinforcement of Welded Branch Connections General requirements Special requirements Reinforcement of Multiple Openings Extruded Outlets

15 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Expansion and Flexibility Amount of expansion Flexibility requirements Combined Stress Calculations Supports and Anchors for Above Ground Piping Supports and Anchors for Buried Piping

16 Gas Transmission Pipelines
8.0 DESIGN, INSTALLATION, AND TESTING Steel Pipe Design Formula Limitations on Design Pressure, P Limitations on Specified Minimum Yield Strength Additional Requirements for Wall Thickness, t Design Factors, F, and Location Classes Fabricated Assemblies & Pipelines on Bridges Cover, Clearance, and Casing Requirements

17 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Installation of Steel Pipelines Construction Specifications Inspection Provisions Bends, Elbows, and Miters in Steel Pipelines Pipe Surface Requirements for Pipe to Operate at 20% or more of SMYS Detection and repair of gouges, grooves, dents, and arc burns

18 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Miscellaneous Construction Operations Handling, hauling,and stringing pipe joints Installation of pipe in the ditch Backfilling Preventing combusible gas-air mixture in the pipeline Welding with gas in the pipeline Purging of pipelines

19 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Testing After Pipeline Construction Two (2) hour strength test at 1.5 times design pressure Test pressures versus Location Classes Leak testing after construction Safety During Tests

20 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Compressor Station Equipment Design Electrical Facilities Safety Devices Pressure Limiting Devices Explosion Prevention

21 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Compressor Station Piping Gas Piping Specifications for gas piping Installation Testing Identification of valves and piping Piping design codes - Fuel gas, air, lubricating oil, water, steam, and hydraulic.

22 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Control and Limiting of Gas Pressure Requirements for Design of Pressure Relief and Pressure Limiting Stations Capacity of Pressure Relieving and Pressure Limiting Stations and Devices Required capacity Proof of adequate capacity and satisfactory performance of pressure limiting and pressure relief devices Uprating

23 Gas Transmission Pipelines
8.5 Valves Required spacing of gas transmission pipeline valves Location of gas transmission pipeline valves Vaults (Valve Boxes) Structural design requirements Accessibility Vault Sealing, Venting, and Ventilation Drainage and Waterproofing

24 Gas Transmission Pipelines
9.0 OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES Basic Requirements Essential Features of the Operating and Maintenance Plan Essential Features of the Emergency Plan Pipeline Failure Investigation Prevention of Accidental Ignition Blasting Effects

25 Gas Transmission Pipelines
9.2 PIPELINE MAINTENANCE Continuing Surveillance of Pipelines Pipeline Patrolling Leak Surveys Permanent Repair Procedures for Injurious Gouges, Grooves, Dents, Welding Defects, Leaks, and Nonleaking Corroded Areas Testing Repairs and Replacement Pipe Sections

26 Gas Transmission Pipelines
PIPELINE MAINTENANCE (Continued) Nondestructive Testing of Repairs, Gouges, Grooves, Dents, and Welds Pipeline Leak Records Pipeline Markers Abandoning of Transmission Facilities Repositioning a Pipeline in Service

27 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Miscellaneous Facilities Maintenance Compressor Station Maintenance Inspection and testing of relief valves Repairs to compressor station piping Maintenance of Pressure Limiting and Pressure Regulating Stations Emergency valve inspection procedures Valve records Prevention of accidental operation

28 Gas Transmission Pipelines
Pipeline Service Conversions Historical Records Study Requirements for Conversion to Gas Service Conversion Procedure Records of the Conversion

29 Gas Transmission Pipelines
10.0 CORROSION CONTROL External Internal Pipelines in High Temperature Service Stress Corrosion and Other Phenomena Records Expanded corrosion control presentation is a part of three (3) other training programs.

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