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Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Cyprus.

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1 Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Cyprus

2 General presentation The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania – Cyprus (BCCIRC) is a non profit, non governmental and politically independent organization. The Chamber was formed in 2004 by several foreign and domestic legal and natural persons in order to promote its members’ interests in developing the trade, services and industry both on local and bilateral level, in accordance with the market economy’s rule. Our organization cooperates with state organizations on local and central level, with both countries’ national or local chambers of commerce and industry and with other nongovernmental institutions or organizations. The Chamber has become member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest and adhered to the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

3 Objective The main objective of BCCIRC is to support, to mediate and to represent the interests of its members in the relation with Romanian and Cypriot authorities, with economic agents, with public institutions and non-governmental organisations. The purpose was to create a structure which would facilitate the commercial exchange between these two countries, acting as a “firm ground” for Romanian and Cypriot businessmen to consolidate their investments.

4 You should join us because… we promote our members within the Romanian business environment; we organize events in order to achieve our purposes; we provide with services which aim to encourage and support the business environment; we have a very good relationship with Romanian and Cypriot authorities

5 Services we offer Multilingual support Annual events, seminars, exhibitions, trade missions support Sponsorship opportunities Advertising opportunities Speaking opportunities Arrangements for one to one and group meetings Contact with experts in many domains Recommendations for business contacts Contact with other Non-Governmental Organizations and relevant Government departments in Cyprus and Romania Joint work with other trade organizations Specific member enquiry support Business Networking Translation/ Interpreting services

6 Administrative structure President – Mr. Mamas Koutsoyiannis Honorary President – Mr. Cristian Petrescu Vice-presidents – Mr. Vlad Tomosoiu and Mr. Yiannis Ioannou Secretary – Mr. Marian Lucu

7 Contact details Address – 52 Independentei Splai, 5 th District, Bucharest Phone – +4 021 315 61 00 Fax – +4 021 315 61 02 Email – Website –

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