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Chilean-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce May 13 th, 2014 Embassy of Norway Santiago - Chile.

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1 Chilean-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce May 13 th, 2014 Embassy of Norway Santiago - Chile

2 The Chilean-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCNC) established in 2001, is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political, private organization whose main mission is to facilitate trade and promote investment between Chile and Norway.

3 Who we are? We are a business community We act as a business facilitator We are an important information platform We are a networking We are a net of collaboration

4 How? We help our members’ business grow by providing services of value and by acting as a commercial liaison entity between our countries.

5 CCNC is a platform for our members to facilitate: Trade information Networking Access to business and government institutions in Chile and Norway Business, social and cultural knowledge about Chile and Norway

6 Our tools We organize functions, workshops and seminars for our members and their customers We participate in trade fairs We have first hand access to government bodies


8 Benefits By joigning CCNC you will receive many benefits: Expand your networking contacts Enhance your credibility Receive publicity and exposure Have a voice in issues that impact your business Benefits with hotels, transportation, travel agencies

9  Our membership:  Aquaculture  Fisheries  Energy  Shipping services  Financial services  Engineering services  Tourism  Defence

10 Member’s profile (41 members)

11 Our VIP Sponsors SN Power DNB Bank SKAVA

12 WHY CHILE? Chile is one of the most open economies in the world Chile has signed 22 commercial agreements with 59 countries In 2010 Chile became a full member of OECD Chile is the most stable economy in the region


14 Chile-Norway Bilateral commercial relation Norwegian investment in Chile since 1974 to 2011 arises to US$ 738.8 million dollars Main Sectors: Aquaculture Energy Services 2011: Norway became the 5 th Foreign Investor in Chile Chile-EFTA – Free Trade Agreement covers 96% products with 0% taxes

15 Chile-Norway Chile- EFTA (European Free Trade Association) Signed on June 26 th, 2003 in Kristiansand Put into force on December 1 st, 2003 The Agreement covers all major areas of trade relations including trade in goods, trade in services and investment, government procurement, competition and intellectual property. A Joint Committee is established for the supervision of the Agreement. It also contains stipulations on dispute settlement.

16 Chile-Norway Main Norwegian exports to Chile (2011): Chemicals Pharmaceutical products (veterinary use) Copper oxide

17 Chile-Norway Main Norwegian imports from Chile (2011): Fish crude oil Iodine Beverages, wine Fruits (apple)

18 Foreign Investment in Chile Regulation on Foreign Investment is based on: Right to private property Economic Freedom Equal treatment Legal framework: Decree Law N° 600 (DL 600) Chilean Central Bank's Compendium of Foreign Exchange Regulations (Chapter XIV)

19 Norwegian FDI in Chile Industries D.L. 600 Inversión Noruega en Chile 1974- 2011 (US$738.8 Million / Millones)

20 Thank you!

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