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Central European Initiative Today and Tomorrow CEI Human Resources Development Forum 9-10 November 2006 Prague, Czech Republic Slavena Radovanovic.

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1 Central European Initiative Today and Tomorrow CEI Human Resources Development Forum 9-10 November 2006 Prague, Czech Republic Slavena Radovanovic CEI Executive Officer

2 Central European Initiative Presentation Content The Central European Initiative 1.Background 2.Operational Activities 3.Funds 4.Assets

3 Central European Initiative 1.1 HISTORY AND OBJECTIVES CEI Established in 1989: first regional body to be created after the end of the Cold War Intergovernmental organisation composed of 18 Member States Platform for the political dialogue moving to a project oriented approach Main objective: to bring countries together and to assist them in the preparation process for the EU membership Three major areas: economic, human and institutional development

4 Central European Initiative 1.2 STRUCTURE The CEI operates through various structures: the annual Summit of the Heads of Government the annual Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of the Economic Sectors and other ministerial or special events monthly meetings of the Committee of National Co-ordinators (CNC) meetings of the 18 CEI Working Groups (one WG on HRDT) The CEI Parliamentary Dimension and the Central European Chambers of Commerce Initiative (CECCI) which represents the CEI Business Dimension, are important complementary networks. The above-mentioned working bodies are supported by the CEI Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES) and the CEI Project Secretariat (CEI-PS). The CEI-ES, established in 1996, is based in Trieste and operates with the legal status of an International Organisation. The CEI-PS has been operative at the EBRD in London since 1991 and maintains offices both in Trieste and London.

5 Central European Initiative 1.3 NEW INSTRUMENTS The CEI University Network (CEI UniNet) became operative in 2003. It aims at facilitating co-operation among the universities and other institutions of higher learning in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe through various types of post-graduate education programmes. It is based on the principle of mobility of both students and teaching staff by offering grants and scholarships for Joint Programmes, such as Master’s and PhD courses. The CEI Science and Technology Network (CEI S&TN), launched at the beginning of 2004 operates through six scientific lead institutions in Trieste (Italy) and partner/affiliated institutions in other countries. It offers young scientists, preferably from CEI countries outside the EU, the opportunity to participate in PhD courses, training programmes and research activities in fields such as theoretical and applied physics, biogenetics, neurosciences and applied mathematics.

6 Central European Initiative 2. OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES 1. 1.CEI Co-operation Activities 2. 2.CEI Feature Events 3. 3.CEI Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) supports the transfer of specific knowledge in economic transition and institution building among CEI Member States. 4. 4.“From Research to Enterprise” Programme periodic calls for proposals: a special incentive to young scientists from CEI MS, provides scientists wishing to commercialise their discoveries with seed money for feasibility studies and professional consultancy. 5. 5.Awards for Innovative SMEs periodically granted awards of 20.000 Euro each are given to those applicants who are best rated by a jury with regard to the innovativeness, feasibility and "bankability" of their business ideas.

7 Central European Initiative 9 th CEI SUMMIT ECONOMIC FORUM 22-23 November 2006, Tirana - ALBANIA 2.1 CEI Summit Economic Forum main business event of the CEI, takes place in November each year in the country holding the CEI Presidency 800 participants: government officials, industry leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions, international organisations, investment and trade promotion agencies, representatives of local authorities, bankers, fund managers, business service providers, etc. — both within and beyond the CEI region Opportunities for networking and establishing co-operation on investment projects, development programmes and trade exchange Political events: Roundtable of CEI Ministers of Economic Sectors and the Summit of the CEI Prime Ministers will provide a policy framework aiming to foster sustainable development and cooperation within the CEI region

8 Central European Initiative 3. FUNDS CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD, contributed by Italy, is managed by the CEI Project Secretariat. This fund makes “seed money” available for larger EBRD investments in areas such as infrastructure, SMEs, agriculture and energy. CEI Co-operation Fund, consisting of contributions from all Member States, supports activities (seminars, workshops, training courses, conferences, etc.) in numerous fields. CEI Funding Unit was created in 2004, with the aim of attracting EU funding for CEI projects. The Unit avails itself of the fact that after the EU enlargement in 2004 an increased number of CEI countries have become eligible for EU funding. It has therefore focused its attention on the involvement of Central and Eastern European countries in EU projects and programmes, identifying appropriate partner institutions in non-EU members for their inclusion in European projects.

9 Central European Initiative 4. ASSETS The CEI stands out among regional actors for several reasons: operates both at the political and operational level (intergovernmental machinery + Secretariat + funds) has a heterogeneous membership enjoys a significant degree of regional ownership uses, in its operational activities, a bottom-up approach

10 Central European Initiative Contacts THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Slavena Radovanovic CEI Executive Officer Central European Initiative

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