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Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 1 - Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 2 Index About KETES Business Promotion Training Activities.

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2 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 1 -

3 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 2 Index About KETES Business Promotion Training Activities Web Site

4 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 3 About KETES - non- governmental - non-profit organization - registered in Pyongyang DPRK, in partnership with Pyongyang International Information Centre of New Technology & Economy (PIINTEC). - KETES links European Companies & Organizations with potential DPRK counterparts, - Acts as a service provider for the DPRK Committee of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea (EUCCK) and assists the Europe-Korea Foundation (EKF) to fulfil Educational Projects for DPRK.

5 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 4 location KETES Office located in central Pyongyang offers a number of unique Services in order to promote two major activities: 1. Business Promotion (economic and technical cooperation) 2. Training Activities

6 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 5 Profile KETESKETES Business Centre Incubator Office & Staffing Missions & Studies Trademarks & Patents Domestic Training Overseas Training Internships Business Promotion Training Activities Representation Agreement Permanent Exhibition Hall Publications

7 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 6 KETES Business Centre Business Promotion provides the following Services: Secretarial Assistance Interpretation Services Translation services into/from Korean Printing Services IDD Telephone; E-mail; Fax; Photocopy services… Computer Rental Office & Meeting Room Rental Meeting Arrangements Transportation Services Hotel & Travel Arrangements and other services upon request

8 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 7 Incubator Offices/ Staffing 1.KETES rents fully furnished & functional office facilities that may accommodate multiple Companies & Organizations 1.KETES provides administrative services, modern office equipment & conference meeting facilities 1.KETES offers a cost effective & flexible solution combining timing and interest of Foreign Companies & Organizations to make their first approach to the DPRK. 2.KETES assists these Companies & Organizations developing relations with local counterparts until they become fully operational in DPRK. 3.KETES will assist European Companies & Organizations in the selecting, the hiring and the training abroad of their local representatives.

9 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 8 Missions 1. Tailor-made meetings and field visits to DPRK for individuals & groups representing European Companies & Organizations interested in developing cooperation with DPRK. 2. Administrative & logistic support including visa handling and other related issues. 3. Transportation, Interpretation services & other needed support for visitors to reach their business objectives in the best possible conditions. Missions & Studies

10 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 9 Studies KETES is building a research centre for European Companies and Organisations requesting market information and monitoring ( market structure, importers /exporters data base, legal environment…). Missions & Studies

11 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 10 Patent & Trademark Registration KETES office operates a one stop centre for registration of patents and trademarks of European Companies & Organizations in DPRK.

12 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 11 Exhibition Hall KETES manages a in-house and access-free permanent exhibition displaying company products, technical data, brochures and catalogues. Furthermore, KETES commits to forward all requests received locally to the relevant Company /Organisation.

13 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 12 Publications An access-free Library available in KETES Office for Public Consultation. Numerous materials on both DPRK and Europe in the fields of Agriculture, Energy, Environment, IT, Business Activities and laws, Economy… Unique resource center for DPRK specialists and abroad visitors. In addition KETES proposes various self-made publications on business matters regarding DPRK.

14 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 13 Training Activities KETES strives to set-up a Knowledge Factory in the center of Pyongyang: The Knowledge Factory will regroup in one location the following facilities: Training, Information & Research Centers; Library & Reference Room; Language Lab; Auditorium, meeting rooms and offices to guarantee the best synergies. Training Activities

15 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 14 Training Activities Increasing local awareness of European products & technologies. Updating DPRK Trainees in the latest international practices & standards in the fields of Economy & Technology. Training local staff that may act as promoters for European Companies & Organizations in DPRK. Develop economical & technical exchanges. Training Objectives:

16 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 15 Domestic Training -KETES will operate Lectures, Seminars and Courses given by Foreign Professors & Specialists from some of the best Universities & Administrations in Europe. -The lectures will cover different Field of Studies: Economy & Business Administration, IT, Technology, Engineering, Trade Marks & Patents, Laws, Customs, etc... - Till the Knowledge Factory is being built training is held in the Peoples Grand Study House with facilities support from EKF. EKF has donated to the facilities some equipment to be used by the Teachers and Trainees. Training Activities

17 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 16 Overseas Training & Internship Graduated students & Trainees will be sent to European Universities, Companies & Administrations from 2004 for a period of 3 months to one year to follow courses or Internships in the field of business administration, economics, IT and others. * English Language Training will be provided to all Trainees before their departure. Training Activities

18 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 17 KETES Contacts Pyongyang Tel: 850-2-3813821 Fax: 850-2-3813822 Email: Paris Tel: 33-1-45725671 Fax: 33-1-55379497 Email:

19 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 18 Web site

20 Korea-Europe Technology & Economy Services 19 Web site

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