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Welcome to Mrs. Oswalt’s Classroom 4th Grade Open House

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Oswalt’s Classroom 4th Grade Open House
A Positive attitude is the key of success. Let’s keep it all the time. I Look Forward to All of Us Having a Great Year!

2 Overview Classroom Information Classroom Rules and Behavior Guidelines
Curriculum/ Content Area

3 Classroom Information
Communication: Homework Notebook Red Folder sent home on Tusedays Calendar My planning period is from 2:05-2:45 p.m. Homework Policy = Nightly Reading and Math practice facts

4 Classroom Rules Always do your best Be prepared Be honest
Keep classroom clean Be kind to others Work quietly Remember your manners Listen when others are speaking Raise your hand to speak

5 Behavior Policy White Slip 1slip is a warning 2 slips = Timeout
3 slips =Parent Notification Isolation from class 4 slips = Detention More Appropriate Discipline

6 Rewards for Good Behavior
New rewards each month End of the month reward

7 PBS Positive Behavior System
Goal is to reward students for doing the right thing and focus on the positive behavior

8 Reading Each week there is a vocabulary/ comprehension test on Thursdays Vocabulary list is sent home every Monday and should be reviewed nightly to prepare your child for test.

9 Reading, continued After reading the five stories in each unit from the reading book, students are tested on overall knowledge of vocabulary words and skills on a Unit Test. Students ability to comprehend stories is assessed through the Unit Test by reading two stories and answering questions regarding the stories. Grading: class work, which includes the vocabulary and end of story tests. A.R test on story, and A.R test on leveled readers.

10 LANGUAGE 11:15-12:15 – Students rotate to Mrs. Porter
There will not be a separate Spelling Grade. Spelling Test will be included in the Language grade

11 Science -10:15-11:15 a.m. students will rotate to Mrs. Unger’s room for Science

12 Math 12:45-1:45 – Students will have Math with Mrs. Oswalt. In math we will practice: Place Value Adding, Subtracting Rounding Measurement & Geometry Multiplication Division Working with money, time and data Fractions and decimals

13 Social Studies This year in Social Studies your child will explore the following: Our local, state and federal government Alabama History Mapping Skills Compare and Contrast of our city, state and country to other cities, states and countries

14 Accelerated Reader All fourth grade students will be participating in the A.R. program. Students select a book from the library to read at a level that is comfortable for them. When they have completed reading the book, they will take a comprehension quiz on the computer. I encourage students to obtain at least 10 A.R points each 6 weeks.

15 Accelerated Math Whole group instruction, small group as well as individual instruction used Student performs at his/her own comfort level while working on 4th grade skills Computer generated math problems Goal is at least 20 objectives mastered per six weeks.

16 FIELD TRIPS Moundville – Oct. 6-9, Native American Festival to be scheduled. Montgomery – to be scheduled.

17 Closing Comments Thank you for your continued support at home.
Students, parents, and teacher working together can make a difference. Be sure to check the school calendar for important dates Any time you would like to schedule conference please feel free to call the school office

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