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Reading for fun By: Brian Sullivan.  For my final product I have created an online website called  This website helps elementary school.

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1 Reading for fun By: Brian Sullivan

2  For my final product I have created an online website called  This website helps elementary school students learn to read and write  It can also be used by teachers to incorporate their material outside of the classroom  Using this product would be benifical to teachers and students My Product

3  If students were to use my product it would enhance their ability to read and it would increase the amount of time they spend learning the material presented in class  Teacher would also have a direct link to their students work and can tailor each activity to different students  When I was younger I struggled with reading but if the teacher were able to change my practice work to my ability it would have made learning to read a lot easier Reasons to use my product

4  My website gives teachers the option to use their own material for the games and activities on the website  Most traditional websites have a default list of words which cannot be changed  With my product the teacher is given the default option along with an option to create their own  Each week could be a different set of words that the teacher could send out to all the students How it works

5  For my website I have created a few games to start that students can play to strengthen their reading and vocabulary  The games: 1.Space Jump 2.Race for Words 3.Word Scatter Games

6  Space jump is a fun game where students listen to a headset to hear a certain word and then they spell that word into a space on the screen  If the student gets the word correct then they jump to the next planet  The students have 3 chances to get each word correct and then after that they jump back a space  Students can also pair up with up to 3 other students and have a race to see who can jump to the end of the planets the fastest Space Jump

7  For this game students are presented a word on the screen and it is their job to say that word correctly the fastest  There is an overall time for the game and at the end students are ranked based upon that time  Students will see that and be encouraged to try and get the fastest time in the class  Teachers can also look at the ranking and see who is the struggling with comprehending certain words Race for words

8  This game is not quite as interesting as the others but it will be the most affective at helping students memorized vocabulary words  The students would simply match the word with its definition as fast as possible  That way they would see the word and also read the definition every time they play Word Scatter

9  There are a lot of websites online that claim to help students with classroom material but very few that actually do a good job  Here are some examples of effective websites 1.Internet 4 classrooms  This website is almost like an educational google that teachers and students can use  It gives links to study guides and other resources that teachers and students can use 2.Funbrain  This was given an award for being the second best educational game on the market  It gives students math, reading and science help.  Its made for students k-12 and even gives an SAT help portion. Other helpful websites

10  Many teachers have begun to incorporate online games into their classrooms but others are feeling hesitant about them  Some would say that students would not learn about what is actually going on in class  They would simply learn general terms versus what the teacher wants  People opposed to online games might also say that teachers would have no control over what their students practice  They would simply log on to the website but never actually practice the material Arguments against my product

11  Many people feel that what online games practice is no what is taught in class  This is correct except my website gives the teacher all the power to incorporate what words and problems that want throughout the games  Others would say that the amount of time students play the games can not be determined by the teacher because it is an out of class activity  With my website teachers can actually look at each students activity and see exactly how many activities each student has attempted  That way the teacher knows which students need to be encouraged to play and who is struggling with specific word sets Counter arguments

12  In conclusion I hope that you will remember 3 specific reasons why my website would be a great addition to the classroom environment 1.It gives students the option to practice material taught in class in their own homes 2.My website gives teacher full control over what each student practices and gives them an insight into who is struggling 3.If students use my website it will give students an opportunity to practice school material in a fun and exciting way Conclusion

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