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By Philippa Brookes These are some of the lessons we did in PE:

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1 By Philippa Brookes These are some of the lessons we did in PE:

2 PE is my favourite subject because most of the things I have done already I have enjoyed very much. Also because the teachers are very nice and teach us very well. Miss Howell gives us a pink booklet with our name on it telling us our levels and how we are doing in a particular sport. My favourite sport is Tennis because I play it at home with my brother and it is very fun to play and then we tell each other what we need to improve on. PE IS MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT

3 My favourite thing about Edgecliff so far… So far during these 2 terms, the best moment has been science. This is because we have done many fun and exciting experiments and practicals. Not only have we learned a lot, we have had fun demonstrations to watch.

4 The science practicals have been the highlights of my first year, so far, because they are a fun way to learn and pick up new skills and knowledge. It is easier to remember the effects, of say a chemical reaction, if you have seen the effects, than if you have just written about the effects or been explained the effects. Practicals are also a very interesting way to learn in the classroom. It gives you a variety of different ways to learn. There are 3 main ways that children should be learning: 1.Auditory Learning = this is when you learn through talking, having it explained to you or even a song, poem or rhyme to help you remember certain points. 2.Visual Learning = this is when you learn through seeing diagrams, pictures or videos. 3.Kinaesthetic Learning = this final method is the most popular method in children. If you are learning through a kinaesthetic method, you learn through getting stuck in to activities and doing a task or practical yourself. To get an interesting education with variety and fun, the board of education recommend that teachers try to vary the types of learning they have in the classroom, each lesson. 1. 2. 3.

5 My Favourite Subject So Far In Edgecliff! By Elise Chattha So far in Edgecliff my favourite subject has been P.E because we have been able to play sports that I really like such as Netball and Tennis. I enjoy these because I have been able to show my skills in this area. We have done some sports that I haven’t been so good at but I have become much better at because I have been told how to improve in some areas. My experience so far at Edgecliff for P.E has been quite enjoyable as P.E is a favourite subject of mine. Our teacher Miss Howell has been an encouraging teacher as she has told me to keep on going and praises me when I do something that I wasn’t comfortable about. In P.E we get a chance to do extra curricular activities eg: Netball tournaments against other schools. We came 2 nd out of a lot of schools in our recent match and we received trophies. I feel more confident with sports now because I am a lot better than I was in previous years. I am looking forward to Cavalcade this year as I am much more confident now.

6 My favourite thing about Edgeclifff so far. By Katie Langman

7 My favourite thing about Edgeclifff My favourite thing about Edgeclifff so far is the sport. There are many lunchtime activities for example for the girls hockey and netball and for the boys there is rugby and football etc. My favourite sport we have covered over the time I've been here is trampolining. This is my favourite sport because I enjoy learning things that I have never done before. Another one of my favourite sports is short tennis. This is fun and we play matches against each other. I have enjoyed tennis because since we have started playing I have learned new skills. I never played short tennis before I came to Edgeclifff. Our teacher is Miss Howell she is very encouraging and praises you when we have done something good. If you are struggling with a particular sport she will help you with whatever you are stuck on.

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