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Contact Information Ms. Pilant

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3 Contact Information Ms. Pilant

4 What is Credit Recovery and why am I here? Credit recovery is essentially taking a course required for graduation that you have not previously received credit for. Credit recovery is done using online courses, through software called Edgenuity. Your Advisor and Ms. Coe will determine what course is best for you. Ms. Pilant will add the course and monitor your progress.

5 What Courses are Available? Language Arts Math Social Studies Science Electives

6 What is Edgenuity? Edgenuity or “e2020” is software that HHS uses for students to take entire classes online. Students can work on this anywhere that there is a high-speed Internet connection. Students can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they choose.

7 What is Edgenuity? The courses are set up in much the same way as a traditional classroom. There will be vocabulary, lectures, homework, journals, quizzes, tests, and exams. Students must complete a course 100% and have an overall grade of 60% to gain credit.

8 What Edgenuity is not… It is not easier than a traditional classroom. Online classes require a different skill set than in a traditional setting. Students need to be able to devote uninterrupted time to e2020 daily/nightly. Students need to have self-discipline to stay “on track” in order to finish on time. Students need to be able to learn the material on their own, with little face-to-face help of a teacher. Students need to be able to summarize main ideas from lectures and take good, high quality notes.

9 Computer Skills Needed Must have an HHS user account. Must be able to use Internet browsers and, after some training, the e2020 software. Must be able to send and receive email. Must be able to copy text, paste it into Microsoft Word and be able to find appropriate network printer.

10 Features of Edgenuity When students take notes, they have the ability to pause the lecture, rewind the lecture, and re-watch the lecture to ensure they have all the material in their notes. You can use all your notes on quizzes, tests, and the cumulative exam.

11 Features of Edgenuity(continued) Self-paced Students can work as quickly as they like. Ability to re-take assessments Students MUST score 60% on assessments (quizzes, tests, exams). If they score less than 60%, students must retake it, with only the highest score being recorded. Ability to re-do assignments

12 Online Courses vs. Traditional Online Traditional Self-Paced Students responsible for doing work Must pass every assessment with a 60% Must take notes Cannot easily ask questions if you don’t understand content Must work outside of the classroom Teacher paced Defined deadlines Passing assessments is not mandatory Taking notes may not be mandatory Can ask for help from the teacher May not have to work outside of the classroom

13 How is Edgenuity set up?


15 Vocabulary

16 Lecture

17 Journal

18 Quiz

19 You’re at a Test! When you see this dialog box, it means you are at a test and your teacher must review your work to ensure that you are ready to take the test. 1. I will check your test review. You need a passing score to show you are ready. 2. I will check that you have notes. Your notes can be enotes or in a notebook. You will not be able to move on until your teacher has reviewed your work.

20 Emailing your Instructor Most of the time you can ask me directly, but sometimes you may want to email me. Reasons to email your instructor: You are unsure what to do You need retakes on a quiz You want to redo an assignment There was a computer glitch You need a test removed so you can work at home To email the Ms. Pilant go here:

21 Emailing (continued) I will make every attempt to answer your emails quickly, however don’t expect an immediate response if you send an email at night, on holidays or on the weekends.

22 How to Be Successful Take notes on all lectures. Remember, any notes you take, you can use on assessments. Click Here for Help on "How to Take Notes“ Use the Assignment Calendar to track progress Click Here for Assignment Calendar (video) View your Progress Report often Click Here to See Progress Report (video) Use eNotes as your method of taking notes Click Here for eNotes Demonstration (video)

23 Classroom Rules Absolutely no food/drink at the computers! Electronic devices should be silent and out of sight. The only website you are allowed to be on is Edgenuity Instructors have the ability to view your computer screen at all times. Any student disrupting or distracting other students will be removed from class. All students will do their own work. If you are stuck, ask the instructor, not the student sitting next to you or Google (or any other website)!

24 What to do when there is a sub Work on your course as normal. If you need approval for a test, ask Mrs. Coe if she can review your test for you. If you need retakes for a quiz or assignment write them down and give them to me when I return.

25 Quiz Time If there is a sub in your room, that means Edgenuity will not work and students are not expected to do work. True False

26 Nice Try I would hope that you know better than that. Students are expected to work the entire time. Click here to go back to the quiz again.

27 Right! That was an easy one! Just reinforcing the point that students are expected to be working the entire hour.

28 Working from Home Students are encouraged to work from home to supplement work in the classroom. The first time you log in from home, make sure you check to see if you have the latest Plugins on your computer.

29 Working from Home When working from home, you may need to have a test bypassed so you can continue working. If you make it to a test, Edgenuity will not allow you to move on. Look ahead at your assignments BEFORE you leave class and ask me to bypass the test until you return the next day.

30 Quiz Time Because students can work from home, there is no need to come to the classroom everyday. True False

31 Wrong Working outside of the classroom DOES NOT take the place of being in class everyday. Students scheduled in Credit Recovery are expected to be in attendance every day, and face the same rules regarding absences/tardies as any other student. Click here to return to the quiz.

32 That’s Correct! Edgenuity is scheduled just like any other hour. You are expected to be in the classroom working every single day. You can work extra outside the classroom, but that does not take the place of being in attendance daily.

33 Edgenuity Procedures When logging off, make sure you sign off, not just simply hitting the “X” in the top right hand corner. View video of how to log off correctly. Not logging off can occasionally cause you to lose progress and you will have to redo work.

34 Edgenuity Procedures What to do if you fail a quiz: 1 st attempt: review the questions you got wrong and study lecture/notes again. 2 nd attempt: review again and expect to re-watch the lecture while taking notes before additional retakes are given to you. Do not move on to new material until you have passed the current quiz.

35 Quiz Time! 1.) What percentage do you need to gain credit in a credit recovery class? 70% 60% 80%

36 Sorry You are Incorrect. Review the slide. Click Here to Review Click here to return to the quiz.

37 That’s Right! Good Job!

38 Quiz Time! What tool helps you stay on track by detailing what you need to get done? Assignment Calendar Progress Report Tool Button

39 Incorrect Click Here to Review Click here to return to the quiz.

40 Right!

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