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Stars Wars Archetypal Traits of a Hero. Other Hero Archetypal Traits.

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1 Stars Wars Archetypal Traits of a Hero

2 Other Hero Archetypal Traits

3 Other Archetypes White White vs. Dark Princess Leia, R2D2 Leia’s army Color of lightsabers Storm troopers once good Dark Darth Vader Creatures that harm R2D2 in the beginning

4 Proves Himself on Quest Quest for Princess Leia Luke destroys the first Death Star, faces Darth Vader, trains with Yoda

5 Unusual Circumstance of Birth Luke never knew who his parents were or where he was born

6 Leaves Family and lives with others Lives with aunt and uncle Leaves after their death and goes with Obiwan

7 Traumatic Event Leads to Quest Death of aunt and uncle

8 Special Weapon Lightsabor

9 Journey and Unhealable Wound Luke reaches the lowest point in his journey when he faces Vader at Bespin, very much unprepared for the battle. He loses his right hand and, after discovering Vader is his father, jumps to possible death rather than join him. Here, Luke experiences both a physical and emotional wound.

10 Departure Five Steps 1.The Call to Adventure 2.Refusal of the Call 3.Supernatural Aid 4.The Crossing of the first Threshold 5.The Belly of the Whale

11 The Call to Adventure First given notice that things will change Meets R2D2 and C-3P0 Princess Leia pleading with Obiwan from R2D2 that Luke Sees “only hope” Instructions about erasing Obiwan’s memory from R2D2

12 Refusal of the Call Harvest is coming when his uncle needs him most “long way away”

13 Supernatural Help Guide magically appears Obiwan finds him after being attacked by the sand people

14 Crossing the Threshold Crosses into the field of adventure Princess Leia’s full plea seen Gets introduction into the ways of the force Lightsaber Look at imperial troops ship- go home to save family from imperial troops

15 Belly of the Whale Final separation from hero’s known world and self Home is destroyed by imperial troops killing aunt and uncle Agrees to go to Alderaan and become a Jedi like his father

16 Initiation (meets Chewy and Hans Solo) 6. The Road of Trials 7. The meeting with the Goddess 8. Woman as Temptress 9. Atonement with Father 10.Apotheosis 11. The Ultimate Boon

17 The Road of Trials Series of tests undergo to cross over space Lightsaber exercises Learning to control the force (defeated @ first, and then gives into the force and succeeds)

18 Meeting with Goddess Meets Princess Leia to rescue her

19 Woman as Temptress Women will lead hero astray (or any other temptation) Argument between Han and Luke about Leia

20 Atonement with Father Encounter with strong male power Trying to blow up spaceship vs. Darth Luke chooses the good side and atones for his father's sins (choosing the Dark Side). His father atones for his own past by killing the Emperor to save Luke's life.

21 Spiritual Apotheosis God-like state of hero or spiritual gain At the end, we see Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-wan in spiritual form, implying that when Luke eventually dies, his spirit will live on.

22 Ultimate Boon Achievement in/of the quest Blew up Empire ship by trusting in the force-Darth Vader repelled Receives metal

23 The Return 12. Refusal of the Return 13. The magic flight 14. Rescue from without 15. The crossing of the return threshold 16. Master of the two worlds 17. Freedom to live

24 Refusal of the Return Questions why he has to come back

25 Magic Flight Returning from journey- possibly dangerous

26 Rescue from Without Special powers bringing him back to everyday life

27 Crossing the Return Threshold Retain wisdom Gained and integrate it into human life Possibly sharing with others

28 Master of the Two Worlds Achieving balance between two worlds

29 Freedom to Live Freedom from fear of death Neither anticipating future of regretting the past

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