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Name: David Aultman Class: English 4 Teacher: Mrs. Saunders.

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1 Name: David Aultman Class: English 4 Teacher: Mrs. Saunders

2  Chose topic due to love of animals  Wanted to learn about the role of a veterinarian

3  Requires seven-to-eight years of education past high school  Work with a variety of animals to prepare for daily operations and the rigor of the job  License required with state

4  Big Animals ◦ Examples: Horses and cows  Small Animals ◦ Examples: Cats and dogs

5  Some veterinarians specialize in a particular form of medicine, such as dermatology or endocrinology  Others focus upon a particular patient group, such as large farm, wild or zoo animals

6  Neutering ◦ Helps reduce population and stray animals ◦ Prevents animal starvation and health problems  Fixing Broken Bones  Repairing Wounds

7  There is no cure for parvo  The shot given for parvo just helps the body fight it  Parvo attacks the hearts of dogs usually in puppy rather than in older dogs

8  The scrapbook will explain what a veterinarian does the education requirements it will be the daily life of a veterinarian in a scrapbook  The scrapbook ties to my research by explaining what it is veterinarians do on a daily bases

9  Dr. Mark L. Ayer  Dr. Ayer is a certified veterinarian

10 Performed heart worm test Examined ear mites through a microscope Drawn out medicine for various vaccines Accomplishing the tasks was easy by finding out the patients needs and performing the task needed for that patient

11  36 hours spent with my mentor  I felt connected to my research from having a lot of animals at my house and it helped me to learn hands on because I know what to do now when working with animals and before I worked with my mentor I didn’t know exactly what to do to help my animals

12  Different shots last different amounts of time in different states  In May 2008, the average annual salary for veterinarians was $89,450, according to the BLS

13  Getting sick and not being able to work on my product got over it then went right back to work on the product  My mom having surgery and not knowing if I would make it to my mentors but surgery was too serious so I have a ride

14  Thank you for your time  Are there any questions?

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