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Veterinarian Amaria Shaw May 28 th 1 st Ms. Miller.

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1 veterinarian Amaria Shaw May 28 th 1 st Ms. Miller

2 Introduction Best Doctors in the world is a Veterinarian. He Cant ask his patients what's the matter. he got to know Vets work in many different places. Vets who do research work in clean, dry laboratories. Most vets who take care of animals work in small clinics and hospitals. But some work in large hospitals with the most advanced equipment. I've always loved animals and wanted to take car of them since I was very young. Taking care of animals are like taking care of a little baby. Something's I will be researching is how much money will I be making and how many hours will have to work is there going to be a security guard there when I'm working.

3 Nature of work Being Gentle to the animals as If I was taking care of one of mine. Go to work on time, don’t take to many vacations so I can be there for the animals. Make sure I know what is really going on with the animals before I tell their owner. Keep the animals in a good environment. Getting new animals in everyday and being able to watch after them. Doing surgery on them because Ill hate to see them go through the pain.

4 Working Conditions Being a Veterinarian is a Physical Job This is a Indoor Job. I would have to work Veterinarians often work long hours, with well over one-third of full- time workers spending 50 or more hours on the job The environment of this job is going to be filled with many different species birds, cats, dogs etc.

5 TQA To be a veterinarian you will need to earn a DMV (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). I Plan on staying in Michigan or maybe Atlanta. I will need to take now in high school is Physical Science to prepare me for my career.

6 Job outlook Employee rates are high. Veterinarians are rising. No, this career is not a completive job. No its not a particular business or place I want to work at it really doesn’t matter to me as long as I can do my career.

7 $ My Lifestyle goals are to finish school and get a degree that will fit my career. $50,480 to $141,680 per year The money that I would be making does fit my goals. The first thing I would buy with these earnings is make sure my mama is living good enough. Ill buy her a new car and then ill go shopping for myself.

8 Related Occupations Find animals a caretaker. Find a home that I know would fit them make sure the families are safe. Take the pet to stay a night or 2 just to see how they acted. Find lonely families to take in a animal so it would make them happier I would ear In about $22,040 when working for a company. I Chose this because I still want to work with animals all the time.

9 Summary I feel that I would really be a good veterinarian because I'm so good with animals I'm not scary and I will treat them very good when they are not with there owner. I'm mostly looking forward to being able to be with the many different animals everyday. The least thing I'm looking forward to is having to put a animal down because he is sick or is old. I Learnt a lot from doing this because I really started researching this career.

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