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Diego Rivera By: Miguel Bergman.

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1 Diego Rivera By: Miguel Bergman

2 Diego

3 Born December 8 1886 In Guanajuato, Mexico
Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez was his birth name.

4 Family Father – Diego Rivera Barrientos Mother – Maria
Brother - Jose Carlos Rivera Barrientos (twin brother) Sister - María del Pilar Rivera

5 Family Facts Father was a teacher upon Diego’s birth, and later became a school inspector Diego was the elder of twin brothers Diego’s twin brother died at the age of two

6 Art Studies At age ten, Diego studied at the Academy of San Carlos
Won scholarship to study abroad in Europe Studied in Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and England

7 Career A world famous Mexican painter. Started at age 20
Visited Paris many times in his career

8 Career Fused Mexican and European forms of art
One of his countries greatest muralists Artwork drew attention to native farmers and peasants

9 Art work Picture of little boy El Vendedora De Flores Self Portrait

10 More Art Mural El Vendedor de Alcatraces Diego and Frieda

11 One of famous paintings
Man At The Crossroads

12 Rockefeller Controversy
Man of the Crossroads mural was begun at Rockefeller Center in 1933. Contained portrait of Vladimir Lenin, a Russian leader. Rivera was asked to stop work on the mural. Rivera went to Mexico City in 1934 to paint Man of the Crossroads.

13 Type of supplies Used mainly oil based
Also did many things in water color Used rice paper

14 Art Style Diego coined his style of art to be called Mexicanidad
Diego created a Mexicanidad movement which other artists called themselves Influenced by heritage, strong sturdy imagery and murals

15 Marriages First wife - Angeline Beloff
Second wife - Lupe Marin 1922 – 1927 Third wife – Frida Kahlo 1929 – 1954 Fourth wife - Emma Hurtado 1955

16 Frida Kahlo Diego was married to Frida from 1929 to 1939, divorced a short time, then remarried from 1940 to 1954 upon her death Mexico’s most famous woman artist Self portraits showing pain in her life

17 Quotes “I've never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso”.
“Never before had a woman put such agonizing poetry on canvas as Frida did”. “If I ever loved a woman, the more I loved her, the more I wanted to hurt her. Frida was only the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait”.

18 Death Died November 24, 1957 Died at age 70
Died in Mexico City of heart failure Buried in Mexico City

19 Diego Rivera

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