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Frida Kahlo 1907-1954.

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1 Frida Kahlo

2 Biografía 1907 Born in Coyoacán (suburb of Mexico City)
Told people she was born in 1910-year of the Mexican Revolution Father was a painter At the age of six contracted polio Dreamed of becoming a doctor and gaining fame 1925 Bus accident Physical Physiological

3 Biografía cont. Had nothing to do and began to paint out of boredom
After recovering from her accident she enrolled in the National Prepatory School where she met Diego Rivera 1929 Married Rivera 20 year age difference 1930 traveled to United States 1933 Returned to Mexico

4 Biografía cont. Rocky marriage 1936-1937 1939 divorced from Rivera
Infidelity Leon Trotsky Trotsky Lenin’s friend ‘Enemy’ of Stalin Expelled from many countries Invited to Mexico 1939 divorced from Rivera 1940 re-married Only had one exhibition in Mexico in 1953 Died in la casa azul in 1954


6 Diego Rivera 1886-1957 Born in Guanajuato, Mexico
Started taking night classes for drawing and painting classes when he was ten years old At age 12 enrolled full time Had his first exhibition in 1906 Traveled around Europe Spent time in Paris At the start of WWI, and the Mexican Revolution 1921 Returned to Mexico 1922 Revolutionary Union of Technical Workers, Painters and Sculptors 1922 Mexican Communist Party Active in the Soviet Revolution See painting The Agitator


8 Biografía cont. When he returned from Europe began collaborating with other Mexican artists Muralismo Many of his paintings show his political beliefs 1930 painted murals for the Stock Exchange and California School of Fine Art As well as opened an exhibit at MoMA in NY 1955 Married his agent after death of his third wife 1957 Died

9 Obras de Frida The Accident 1926 Self Portrait 1929
Frida and Diego 1931 Self Portrait (dedicated to Trotsky) 1937 The Two Fridas 1939 Self Portrait 1941 The Wounded Deer 1946








17 Obras de Diego 1907 Self Portrait 1928 The Arsenal
Shows the workers movement 1933 Man at the Crossroads Rockefeller center (removed because of Lenin image) 1948 Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park



20 La Guerilla (Zapata’s Landscape) 1915

21 Creation 1922








29 El Muralismo El muralismo mexicano
[1] ‘El muralismo mexicano nació a finales de la década de 1920, [2] cuando el gobierno decidió poner a disposición de los artistas el espacio mural de los edificios públicos. [3] Fue así que los pintores más entusiasmados por una revolución social, sobre todo Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco y David Alfaro Siqueiros…Sus temas eran la vida del mexicano común, sus valores y costumbres y la lucha social’

30 Otras muralistas Jose Clemente Orozco David Alfaro Siquieros
1932 The Epic of American Civilization 24 panels Aztec Warriors (panel 4) Symbols of Nationalism (panel 19) Dartmouth College David Alfaro Siquieros 1957 Museum of National History From Porfiriato to the Revolution




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