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Ancient Rome By Hanadi Al Mannai. Map of Ancient Rome.

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1 Ancient Rome By Hanadi Al Mannai

2 Map of Ancient Rome

3 Characteristics Government Education Jobs

4 Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was a roman General and Statesman. He played an important role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

5 Augustus Caesar Augustus Caesar was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. He ruled from 27 BC until 14 AD.

6 Voting Each year the citizens of Ancient Rome have to elect either four officers or magistrates, two mayors who were judges and organized the voting for the elections

7 Private Tutors. Rich families hired private tutors for their children. The tutors were usually Greek slaves.

8 School Once The girls reached the age of 11 they had to stay home and prepare for marriage, although the boys went to secondary school.

9 Subjects taught in School In School they were taught Mathematics, history, geography, music, astronomy, and Greek literature.

10 Farmers Most people in Ancient Rome were farmers who were low in Social classes. They provided food for people in the Higher Social Class’s.

11 Slaves There were Slaves in Ancient Rome; they were usually treated badly by the wealthy Romans but others were treated well, Slaves were expected to Cook, clean, and do other house old chores and jobs.

12 Gladiators Some poor women became gladiators and tried to win a fortune by fighting in the arena.

13 Bibliography http://julius- res/caesar10.jpg _in_ancient_rome.jpg /education.jpg images/gladiators/images/gladiators-2.jpg

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