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AgustaWestland Proprietary Information AWM1949-1.

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1 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information AWM1949-1

2 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information Helicopters Space Defence Electronics Transportation Aeronautics Information Technology Defence Systems The Shareholder Finmeccanica Fimeccanica: a leading industrial group focused on Aerospace and defence Italian Treasury 34% Market 66% Energy The Company 2004 Millions VALUE OF PRODUCTION9387 EBITA614 BACKLOG25877 ORDERS10802 EMPLOYEES (n o )51026 AWM1949-2

3 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information AgustaWestland Inc. (USA - 50%) Structure The Company Westland Holdings Ltd (UK) 100% Agusta Aerospace Services (Belgium - 100%) Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company (USA - 50%) NH Industries (France - 32%) Westland Transmissions Ltd. Aviation Training International Ltd. (UK - 50%) AgustaWestland International Ltd. (UK - 50%) Agusta Aerospace Corporation (USA - 100%) Agusta S.p.A. (ITALY) AgustaWestland Inc. (USA - 50%) Westland Helicopters Ltd. Other subsidiaries and holdings AgustaWestland International Ltd. (UK - 50%) AWM1949-3

4 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information Consolidated Highlights 2004 Millions VALUE OF PRODUCTION2542 EBITA257 ORDER BACKLOG5238 NEW ORDERS1808 EMPLOYEES (n o )8968 The Company AWM1949-4

5 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information Sites The Company Vergiate Final Assembly Cascina Costa Headquarters - Transmissions Anagni / Frosinone Composites – Rotor Heads Benevento Castings Brindisi Structures Yeovil Headquarters – Transmissions Final Assembly Farnborough AgustaWestland International Ltd EMPLOYEES (n°)8,968 AWM1949-5

6 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information International Network The Company Agusta Aerospace Corporation – Philadelphia (USA) AgustaWestland Inc. – Washington (USA) Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company – Fort Worth Agusta Aerospace Services – A.A.S. S.A. (Belgium) - Aeroporto di Liegi - Aeroporto di Zaventem AgustaWestland International Ltd – Farnborough (UK) N.H. Industries S.A.R.L. – Aix en Provence (France) AWM1949-6

7 Products Product Range 24 Ton Ton 1315 Ton AWM1949-7

8 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information AgustaWestland in India - History AWM1949-8

9 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information AgustaWestland in India - Navy 41 SEA KINGS 4 VARIANTS 34 YEARS 41 SEA KINGS 4 VARIANTS 34 YEARS Mk.42 ( ) Mk.42C ( ) Mk.42B ( ) Mk.42A ( ) AWM1949-9

10 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information Civil / Commercial / Industrial A109 Power will enter service in Rajastan this year – the first in India AB139 on order for corporate use in India New Service Centre will be established in India to support the above The market is growing rapidly AWM

11 AgustaWestland Proprietary Information

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