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General Aviation - The Helicopter View

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1 General Aviation - The Helicopter View
February 2012 Mike Meyer – CEO Indocopters Pvt Ltd

2 Introduction Mike Meyer – Chief Executive, Indocopters Pvt Ltd
With ICPL for 2.5 yrs, CEO since Feb 2011 Previously with Bristow Helicopters in Europe and USA Indocopters - part of the Vectra Group Rapidly growing helicopter focused MRO organisation Based at Greater Noida facility near Delhi With maintenance bases at Greater Noida, Delhi IGI, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Bangalore, covering entire country Aircraft Sales - Eurocopter Commercial Partner CAR 145 & Authorised Service Centre for Eurocopter Helicopters Maintain - AS350B3, AS355, EC120, EC130, EC135, EC145, EC155, AS365 Maintenance of other manufacturers aircraft Bell, Agusta Westland, and Enstrom Spares support for EC and other aircraft Representatives in India for major international aviation suppliers

3 Greater Noida Facility

4 Issues Helicopter industry faces
Infrastructure Lack of Helipads and facilities Common operating procedures at airports Common regulatory environment to commercial airlines Restrictions on what helicopters are used for Costs In Euros and Dollars Questions of taxation & duty Charges imposed by airport authorities Intensely competitive environment Maintenance rates are reducing at 10% per annum Availability of skilled resource Fragmented industry Hinders investment & best practice

5 Issues Helicopter industry faces
MRO Airport access Availability of skilled resource AME endorsement & licensing Customs clearance Spare parts holdings Tooling importation Maintenance approvals STC approvals

6 Why Helicopters? So why develop a helicopter industry?
As a driver of economic growth Helicopters are not just a rich man’s toy Fundamental to anyone where time is of the essence Speed up point to point access Access the inaccessible Mountain and other remote areas Open up new areas and new businesses Consider how the helicopter has fundamentally altered religious tourism Some jobs cannot be done otherwise Heavy lift, power cable cleaning

7 Tapping the Potential What do we need to develop the industry?
Industry must take the initiative Open up other sectors to the helicopter HEMS, ENG, Heavy lift, Para-public & military support Apply necessary resources Supportive Regulatory Environment Support from Government and the authorities Good to hear of the Helicopter plan – 25 years Industry bodies speaking with one voice, focus the views of a fragmented industry BAOA, MRO Association of India Government listening and acting Reinforcement of the Safety & Quality agenda Ensuring primacy of Safety & Quality Consistent Safety & Quality across the industry Safety Initiatives

8 Tapping the Potential Support from the OEMs
Costs out of line with what Indian companies can afford or will pay Training, localisation of completion, finishing in country, component repair & overhaul Develop the necessary skill sets ACTIONS Turn potential into reality BUT Above all – Quality & Safety

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