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September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information1.

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1 September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information1

2 Overview MPE Limited is a leading provider of innovative EMC & EMP protection solutions, including products specifically designed for both the defence and commercial markets. Our Mission: To be the number one choice for high performance EMC/EMP filter solutions. September 2012 Ver1.22MPE Limited Proprietary Information

3 Heritage 1925 Dubilier Condenser Company Founded by William Dubilier. Design and manufacture of capacitors for radar, radio & tv, & EMC filters 1981 Acquired by MPE & became MPE-Dubilier 1986 MPE bought by Adwest Group 1997 Management buy-out Focus on core business of specialist capacitors and high performance filters for Defence and commercial markets 2002 External investors bought out – now fully privately owned September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information3

4 Profile £4 million turnover private company 56 employees 5 qualified & experienced EMC design engineers 10% of annual turnover is reinvested into R&D Over 100 man years design engineering experience Over 20,000 filter & capacitor designs 60% export business worldwide 70% defence business 10% telecoms/IT business mainly export Worldwide reputation for technical competence, high quality, high performance and high reliability products September 2012 Ver1.2 MPE Limited Proprietary Information 4

5 Strategy Focus on highly engineered core product set with significant competitive benefits across multiple markets - Utilise latest techniques and practices - Conformance to regulations (ISO, Mil Std, etc) Offer flexible bespoke solutions and technical assistance for appropriate programs, where required Expand into closely-related adjacent markets to add technological capabilities and new products September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information5

6 Key Differentiators Design Philosophy All designs are carried out utilising bespoke software and strict design rules. This coupled with MPEs pre compliance test capability, ensure the most cost effective solutions are delivered whilst achieving the highest levels of performance Component Technology Metallised plastic film capacitor technology is utilised throughout the MPE range, to guarantee the optimum level of performance, quality & reliability Manufacturing All key components & assemblies are manufactured in house to ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information6

7 MPE is based in Liverpool, UK, offering excellent transportation links to ensure a solid supply chain and allow efficient shipments, worldwide MPE employs over 40 skilled and experienced manufacturing personnel, cross trained to enable delivery of world class EMC & EMP protection products MPE manufacture all critical components & assemblies in house, allowing maximum flexibility to deliver bespoke solutions and rapid prototyping, along with the highest levels of quality control MPE have a 3,900m 2 (42,000ft 2 ) manufacturing footprint, providing manufacturing capabilities to enable the most efficient high volume manufacture of varied and complex designs September 2012 Ver1.2 MPE Limited Proprietary Information 7 Manufacturing Excellence

8 MPE is recognised as a world leader in providing quality EMC & EMP products that are the most reliable available to the market and has been doing so for over 80 years, allowing customers maximum benefit from design flexibility and in depth technical support MPEs portfolio, in excess of 20,000 proven designs, allow the rapid realisation of varied and bespoke designs that are volume repeatable MPEs pre compliance capability also ensures customers receive the most effective solution, design tailored for their specific requirement MPE continue to provide high volume, repeatable, product to demanding environmental conditions both within the UK and the ROW. These products are often integrated into shielded room applications; military vehicles and other high profile platforms September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information8 Experience

9 ISO9001: 2008 approval Previously NATO AQAP-1 Critical components manufactured in house ensuring processes are all within MPE control MPE capacitor & varistor technology in field service for over 30 years More than 8 million filter products supplied during past 30 years Product return level below 0.012% September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information9 Quality & Reliability

10 September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information10 Defence Clients

11 September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information11 Commercial Clients

12 September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information12 What The Clients Say TRaC specifies the use of MPE filters for the above purpose based on performance, reliability and quality. S. Hayes, Director – EMC and Safety TRaC Global Ltd., UK MPE high levels of technical assistance and product quality provide a level of confidence that the products will not only meet but exceed expectations. TSS has no hesitation in recommending MPE and their products for any future US EMP filtering program needs. Terence M. Murch, President – Technical Sales Solutions, LLC, USA Whilst conducting business with MPE for EMP protection system, we have found MPE to be a very responsive organisation with state-of-art technology and the highest quality. Based on such confidence, Eretec strongly recommend the use of MPE products to any future opportunity or client. Jun-Sun Park, CEO – Eretec Inc., South Korea

13 Around 50% of products are custom designs Core range of products: –HEMP & EMP protection filters –Power line filters –Telephone/data line filters –Control line filters –Feedthrough capacitors & filters –Military vehicle filters –Equipment filters –Ceramic filters September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information13 Extensive Portfolio

14 MPE Limited Proprietary Information Defence –Military vehicles –Shielded rooms/ Shelters –Communications rooms –Generators –Naval platforms –Aerospace platforms –TEMPEST –EMP/HEMP –Directed energy Commercial –Telecoms –IT –Test facilities –Medical (MRI) –Automotive EMC –Mass transportation –Hybrid vehicles –Renewable energy –EMP/HEMP September 2012 Ver1.214 Applications

15 Quality Reliability Performance Flexibility Experience Technical Support Breadth of product September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information15 Benefits Summary FM 00699

16 September 2012 Ver1.2MPE Limited Proprietary Information16

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