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Judaism and Islam.

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1 Judaism and Islam

2 Judaism -it is the first monotheistic religion (only worship one god)
-main book/writings is the Old Testament (First half of the Christian bible). The Torah-first 5 books of Old Testament -follow the 10 commandments given to Moses -get to heaven by following Jewish teachings

3 -Israel has the largest concentration of Jews in the world
-40% Jews live in U.S. -40% Jews live in Israel

4 -Jews eat kosher food -certain foods cannot be eaten such as pork, vegetables and fruit that have bugs in it, wine or grape juice (because it used to be used in idol worship) -other foods need to be prepared a certain way. Ex. A kosher butcher is going to chop up the animal and drain the blood a certain way in a certain amount of time

5 Islam

6 -primarily located in the Middle East/North Africa
-established around 600 A.D. -a man named Mohammed believed he had a vision from God telling him to convert the arabic people -he did exactly that and the religion of Islam spread -Mohammed is greatly revered by Muslims and he is the main prophet of Islam -Muslim- person that practices Islam -Allah- god of Islam -Qur’an-the holy book -Mecca- the holiest city to Muslims -they believe you get to heaven by followings the teachings of Islam


8 -5 Pillars of Islam are the main duties for Muslims that they must follow
1- Faith- There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet (Muhammad is the founder of Islam) 2-Prayer-pray 5 times a day facing Mecca(more specifically, they face the kaaba)

9 3-Charity-help the poor
4- Fasting- won’t eat or drink during holy month of Ramadan 5-Pilgrimage to Mecca-all Muslims expected to go there once in their life

10 Kaaba- believed to have been built by Abraham as a place of worship

11 -the two main branches or sects of Islam are Sunni and Shia (a Shiite is someone who practices the Shia branch of Islam -the creation of these two branches goes back hundreds of years and was over who should take over and rule the Muslim nation after Mohammed’s death Sunni- believed the next leader should be elected from people who were capable of leading the nation (which is what happened) -majority of Muslims in the world are Sunni (about 85%) Shia- believed someone from Mohammed’s family should take over -Iran and Iraq are primary shiite

12 -over the years more differences have grown such as interpreting the Qur’an differently

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