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ISLAM! “The Straight Path” (It will lead you straight to God)

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1 ISLAM! “The Straight Path” (It will lead you straight to God)

2 Where does Islam Come from? Islam was started by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 C.E. (A.D.) “Islam” means “submission to God” A “Muslim” is “One who has submitted to God” Muslims pray to Allah, the one God, who is the same God as the Christian and Jewish God

3 How is Islam different from Judaism and Christianity? Jewish holy book = Torah (Old Testament) Christian holy book = Gospel (New Testament) Muslim holy book = Quran  The Quran is a collection of revelations (messages) that God gave to Muhammad from the year 610 C.E. until Muhammad’s death in 632 C.E.

4 Why did Islam arise? After the fall of Rome, the Christians began forcing people to convert to Christianity They also began sainting people who had died for the church (martyr = a person who dies for what they believe in) They also drew pictures and had statues of saints Remember, the first two commandments are “You shall have no other God before me” and “You shall not make for yourself an idol” (idol = an object you worship)

5 God does not like when things take attention away from God Muslims believed that the Saints, Jesus Christ, and the holy ghost took attention away from God (Allah) Muslims are so strict about only worshipping Allah that they do not have any pictures in the Quran or in Mosques




9 Muslims believe that God had to send his message one last time because both the Jews and the Christians were ignoring it One day, Mohammad was meditating on Mount Hijra when the angel Gabriel (the angel who speaks for God) appears –Does this sound familiar? Gabriel also spoke to Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Daniel, and Mary and Joseph He freaked out after his first revelation, but his wife Khadija helped keep him calm (behind every great man is a great woman)

10 He continued to receive revelations about Islam and converted many people In 622, the ruling tribe of Mecca exiled (kicks out) Muhammad for being too influential among citizens He and his followers traveled around Arabia searching for a home The city of Medina, 275 miles away from Mecca, accepted them


12 Muhammad in Medina In Medina, Muhammad solved problems for the city and many people converted to Islam Right before he died, he made one last trip (pilgrimage) to Mecca When he died, his revelations were collected into the Quran and Muslims established the 5 Pillars of Faith

13 The 5 Pillars of Islam 1) Belief 2) Prayer 3) Charity 4) Fasting 5) Pilgrimage (Hajj)

14 1) Belief There is only one true God, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger

15 2) Prayer Every Muslim must pray 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca, the holy city They must pray in a certain way and on a special rug To become a Muslim, you must learn how to pray

16 3) Charity All Muslims must give alms (money, food, clothing, etc.) to the poor The more you can give, the more you should give This is designed to make life easier for the poor and creating equality among Muslims

17 4) Fasting During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims must not eat from dawn until dusk When you are not eating, you must be thinking about Allah and those in need (the poor)

18 5) Pilgrimage (Hajj) The Hajj is a trip that all Muslims must take (if they are able) to Mecca, the holiest Muslim city When they make this trip they must visit the Ka’ba, a huge black cube that has been there for thousands of years

19 Muslims praying at the Ka’ba


21 Mecca, a view from above

22 Sunni and Shi’ite After Muhammad’s death in 632 C.E., the Muslim community was divided over who should be the leader of Muslims Some Muslims believed that the leaders of Islam (called caliphs) did not need to be related to Muhammad - Sunni Muslims Other Muslims believe that Muhammad’s cousin was supposed to take over leading Muslims and every leader should be related to him – Shi’ite/Shi’a Muslims

23 Where are Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims located?

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