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Main Religions of Europe

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1 Main Religions of Europe

2 Religions of Europe

3 Christianity

4 Christianity Founder: Jesus Christ Patriarch: Abraham Holy Book: Bible
Followers Called: Christians Number of followers: 2.1 billion Additional facts: Monotheistic: Belief in ONE God Place of Worship: Church, chapel, cathedral Information from the Torah is found in the bible 3 main groups: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Christianity is in most parts of the world today

5 Judaism

6 Judaism Founder: Abraham
Patriarch: (Trace the beginning of religion) Abraham Holy Book: Torah Followers called: Jews Number of followers: 15 million Additional facts: Monotheistic: belief in ONE God Place of worship: Synagogue Torah is the 1st 5 books of the Christian bible 3 main groups of Jews: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews in Europe were nearly wiped out by Hitler and Nazi Germany during WWII

7 Islam

8 Islam Founder: Muhammad Patriarch: Abraham Holy Book: Koran / Qu’ran
Followers called: Muslims Number of followers: 1.3 billion Additional Facts: Monotheistic : Belief in ONE God Place of Worship: Mosque They believe Abraham and Jesus were prophets, but they say Muhammad was the last prophets

9 Islam continued Have certain duties: Called Five Pillars
Prayer Giving to charity Believe in One God Fasting during Ramadan Take a trip to Mecca at least once in your lifetime Two Largest groups: Sunnis and Shiites 90% of all Muslims are Sunnis It is the main religion of the Middle East, N. Africa, and Asia

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