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2 EARLY BEGINNINGS A prophet named Muhammad was born in 570 A.D.
He was orphaned at age 6 and raised by an uncle and grandfather Muhammad’s uncle was a trader and Muhammad went with him on his travels Muhammad grew to dislike the traditional worship of the tribes people Muhammad met Jews and Christians who worshipped one God and he grew to respect them and their beliefs

3 Muhammad the Prophet At age 40 Muhammad was meditating on Mt Hira near Mecca Muhammad heard a voice say, “ You are the Messenger of God.” Muhammad believed that God spoke to him through the angel Gabriel He then began preaching that there is only one God named Allah and all other gods must be rejected

Some people in Mecca did not like Muhammad speaking against the long held traditions They threatened to kill Muhammad In 622 AD Muhammad moved north to Medina with his followers This date marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar In Medina Muhammad laid the foundation of the Islamic faith Islam means “peace through the submission to the will of God” A Muslim is one who believes in Islam

5 RETURN TO MECCA In 630 AD Muhammad returned to Mecca
He had 10,000 followers with him He was able to capture Mecca without much resistance Mecca became the center of the Muslim world

6 THE KA’ABA It is a holy shrine believed to have been built by Abraham and his son Ishmael as an altar to God It is located in the center of Mecca Upon his return, Muhammad reclaimed the shrine He cleaned it and rededicated it to Allah It is the center of Islam to this day It is the place of the annual pilgrimage and direction of prayer for Muslims from all corners of the globe

7 MUHAMMAD’S DEATH In 632 AD Muhammad lead a pilgrimage to Mecca
He gave his final speech here He urged kindness and respect towards others; especially women Muhammad died shortly after this speech He is buried in Medina

8 SPREAD OF ISLAM Between 636 and 639 AD Muslims conquered and converted many countries around them These included Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Mesopotamia In less than 50 years the Muslim borders were from Spain to China This was half of the known civilized world at that time Muslims were tolerant of existing religions Especially monotheistic religions like Judaism and Christianity Muslims did not try to force others to convert to Islam

9 QUR’AN The Qur’an is the Muslim holy book
It is a code that tells how to live your life so you can have a place in heaven It is believed that Muhammad’s speeches were messages from God Muhammad could not write; so at first the messages were given orally After Muhammad’s death his followers wrote down his words in Arabic This became the first written form of the Qur’an It has 114 chapters called surahs

10 BELIEFS There is no other God but Allah Muhammad is his prophet
God is all powerful and all knowing There is a Judgment Day where one’s soul will enter heaven or hell depending on how one lived their life Muhammad is the last in a line of prophets which include Abraham and Jesus

11 3. Alms-Give to the poor and needy
PRACTICES Five Pillars These are the 5 duties all Muslims must perform to demonstrate their submission to the will of God Faith- Believe and say, “There is not God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet” Prayer- Pray in Arabic five times a day, at specific times, and facing Mecca 3. Alms-Give to the poor and needy 4. Fasting- Fast during the month of Ramadan each year, avoiding all food and beverages between sunrise and sunset 5. Hajj- If possible, make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca once during a lifetime

The Muslim community splits over how to choose a leader after Muhammad died There are two main Sects: Sunni’s- 90%-believe any Muslim who follows Muhammad's example may be ruler Shiites-10%- believe only a descendant of Muhammad and Ali ( Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law) may be a ruler The division between the Sunni and the Shiites continues to cause conflict in the Muslim world today

13 FACTS Islam is the second largest world religion
It is the fastest growing religion There are 1.2 billion Muslims today There are 43 countries with Muslim-majority populations

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