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THE ABSOLUTE BARE NECESSITIES Speed Job Search for Graduates.

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1 THE ABSOLUTE BARE NECESSITIES Speed Job Search for Graduates

2 Before you start Create a brilliant CV -get someone to check it Create a brilliant covering letter - get someone to check it Set up separate, new email address for job applications Identify/clarify key sectors/job roles/companies/organisations you want to apply to and target Put out a call out (Facebook/LinkedIn) – let everyone know that you want them to alert you to any possible job opportunities.

3 HR Execs Research 2009 – rated job search effectiveness out of 5

4 Advertised 1 The obvious ONE - Newspaper/journals /professional bodies – eg Guardian, CIPD, CIM, BPS, New Scientist (hoards of applicants) TWO – graduate specialist websites Other universities careers websites for their vacancies eg Also International Jobs section THREE – check Facebook page of companies you would love to work for.

5 Advertised 2 Specialist recruitment agencies Recruitment sites (often for recruitment agency vacancies) eg Enternships – internships with start up companies Specialist websites - examples And many more – check Prospects for the most relevant ones for your chosen sector. Also Twitter/Linked In etc.

6 The hidden vacancies DO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING! Research SME companies -The Times Best SMEs. Speculative approaches – phone/email, set up meetings Chamber of Commerce members Companies advertising other vacancies in local press Contacts you have – keep them warm – buy them a coffee or doughnut - ask them to be your eyes and ears Find a mentor in the sector you want to target Offer to do something for free (work trial) or write an article or blog Get out and about – talk to people – be curious Set up several/multiple Google alerts

7 Your mission – your weekly plan Source about 20 vacancies per week Apply for as many as you can (especially those just requiring an emailed CV) Phone people/network Check your favourite websites/job boards Follow up applications – get feedback Freelance your way into a job Temp or volunteer (short term gain) eg UN Go to University Job Fairs Attend workshops/webinars to prepare yourself for interviews/assessment centres THINK INTERIM – less than perfect first job or internship – check GRADUATE TALENT POOL and MyFutures Temp

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