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Geography Planning your Undergraduate Thesis Making contacts and networking.

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1 Geography Planning your Undergraduate Thesis Making contacts and networking

2 Getting started/joining up SussexPlus account Start planning/thinking Using action planning asset Geography: Planning your Undergraduate Thesis Skills, making contacts and networking A private space for your professional development. Using SussexPlus: Planning, sharing, presenting thesis Piloting assets and webfolio for 09-10

3 Getting Started: Registration and Login

4 Your Research project Who could you contact? Previous Theses included: Problems with locating a new public facility: a new stadium for Brighton & Hove Albion - Brighton & Hove Council, South Downs Joint Committee, Brighton & Hove Albion Cliff retreat at Birling Gap - Wildlife trusts, South Downs Rangers, Local Councils Contradictions and dilemma of responding to Famine: The NGO perspective - Aid Agencies and charities like Oxfam, IDS, Dfid

5 Skills- what will you develop? Interpersonal/ Communication Skills Research Skills Self promotion/ self marketing Resourcefulness/ ability to use initiative Creativity Organisational skills/ managing your time/ your workload An ability to plan Ability to work with people at all levels/ in many situations Networking Interviewing & presentation skills

6 How can you make use of these skills? In your career planning as you may have a clearer idea of what you enjoy doing During your job searching- you will have a better sense of your abilities and experience On your CV to market yourself and your abilities In job applications / competencies During interviews

7 Why is networking important? Generate careers ideas Gain experience Find out about jobs you may not have ever considered Find out what a job is really like- insider information See how your skills and interests fit those of the job Try a career for size without commitment Explore the hidden job market- not all jobs are advertised

8 Where to look for contacts Family, friends, personal contacts Colleagues, tutors, supervisors (part- time work, University) Web pages - Sussex contacts network- Alumni Prospects – Graduate Recruiters Local business directories/ councils/ newspapers People you meet at conferences/ seminars/ visiting organisations Voluntary work- Searching the web-

9 How to approach contacts Speculative approaches are most common: Letter or email – Phone call- its good to speak to someone! Employers may not respond to a letter or email if they are busy so follow it up! Arrange a visit / meeting Do your preparation- - examples of questions you could ask

10 Networking and future career planning Finding out about upcoming vacancies Arrange work experience Internships/ work shadowing/ paid vacation work Attend conferences & meet people Find out about their contacts and networks Visit related organisations - make links Mentoring Thank them- Its good PR to keep the door open!

11 Careers & Employability Support Our information centre - Falmer House Short interviews with a form / letters (20 mins) Events- grad fair/ law fair/ employer presentations Sussex Plus Workshadowing Programme Web based information and resources – look in research section of our website for further information about making contacts

12 Scans Files TranscriptAbility Achievement Action Plan Experience Meeting Thought Blog WebFolio Shared PrintedCreate Edit Review Asset SussexPlus Asset Store Published Sounds Movies PicturesCVExportedProforma Profile Activity WebFolio A private space for your professional development G:\Shared\SUSSEXPLUS\HANDOUTSNOV09\S+overviewpranded.pptx

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