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January 2014- Numbers claiming JSA January 2010- Numbers claiming JSA.

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3 January 2014- Numbers claiming JSA

4 January 2010- Numbers claiming JSA

5 Predictions 2014  Graduate recruitment to rise by 10.2%  Number of graduates leaving University to in 2014 to drop by 17%  Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development- predicts net employment growth of +24  Growth areas: IT, Telecoms, Energy, Finance, Retail and Manufacturing & Production

6 Most commonly advertised job in North Wiltshire? Nov-Dec 2013

7 What % of jobs that get filled are never advertised?  68 %

8 How do these jobs get filled?

9 How many people applied for 8 jobs at a new Costa branch in Nottingham- Feb 2013?  1700

10 How many people started an Apprenticeship in 2013?  2013 510,200  114,000 aged 16-18, 165,500 aged 19-24 & 230,000 aged 24+  For an advertised 180,000 vacancies an increase of 27% on 2012

11 How many web hits did the Wiltshire Police Force receive in 1 hour of going live with 15 vacancies? Jan 2013  280,000

12 Where else could you follow companies?

13 What does your footprint say about you?

14 What new at the job centre?

15 Universal Job Match  You can upload up to 5 CV’s to the job search website.  Employers look at listed CV’s and can contact prospective employees  You can submit your CV to live vacancies you are interested in.  Only 1 CV can be live at any one time. This means you MUST have a targeted CV

16 How are you going to stand out?

17 Keyword search  If you are applying online, or e-mailing a CV lots of companies will use an electronic keyword search to see if you are offering the key skills they want the perfect candidate to have.  Match your CV to the kinds of language and terms your sector uses  What key words link to your subject?


19 Effectively show employability skills

20 Review your CV  Does it have a balance of subject specialist skills & broad employability skills?  Use the Universal Job Match hand-outs to review your CV and the Keywords you have chosen.

21 Be aware of what the job market is like  Accurate information can help you plan your next steps

22 –Current information for most job sectors (e.g.- carpentry)

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