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Pollution Prevention for Light Industry and the Service Industry P2 Ideas for Urban Environments.

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1 Pollution Prevention for Light Industry and the Service Industry P2 Ideas for Urban Environments

2 Work with a National Initiative Identify potential Federal and Private facilities that may participate in the National Partnership for Environmental Priorities (NPEP) – EPA assists by sending out an invitation to join NPEP – Follow up with a site visit – Win-Win situation for facility and the EPA

3 What types of chemical reductions are a focus for NPEP? Mercury – Fluorescent Light Fixtures – Thermometers – Switches/thermostats Lead – Paint – Weights PCB’s – Transformers

4 Focus on “Light” Industry “Service” Industry Auto Body Shops Dry Cleaners Property Management Schools/Universities Hospitals

5 AUTO BODY SHOPS Purchase materials that are less hazardous – Avoid chlorinated solvents – Use high solids paints (more solids/less VOC’s) – Use aqueous cleaning solutions – Consider using water- borne paints Reduce paint contaminated waste – Reuse paint mixing cups and use metal mixing sticks – Consider investing in a weigh scale to accurately measure paint – Use paint leftovers for equipment setup and spray pattern testing

6 AUTO BODY SHOPS Control the use of solvents and paint thinners – Use water based prep solutions and cleaners – Avoid metal surface cleaning solvents – Use a mechanical or enclosed cleaning system – Utilize used solvent as a pre-wash for tough cleaning jobs – Use a solvent recycler or distillation unit to recover used solvent and save money

7 AUTO BODY SHOPS Process Efficiency-SAVE $$$$ Improve paint transfer efficiency by providing periodic training for operators and using efficient – Shop saves money by decreasing amount of paint purchased, replacing paint booth filters less frequently and less frequent cleaning of the paint booth – Use high volume-low pressure spray guns for higher transfer efficiency

8 AUTO BODY SHOPS Process Efficiency-SAVE $$$$ Keep track of shop inventory to prevent over purchasing and prevent products from exceeding their expiration dates – Use up older materials first – Buy in bulk if practical those products that don’t have a shelf life to reduce multiple packaging and container disposal problems – Use cost effective reusable spray bottles for cleaners – Regularly check for leaks and spills, cleaning them up immediately

9 DRY CLEANING Monitor Equipment efficiency (lbs of clothes cleaned per drum of solvent) Utilize water based or less hazardous pre-spotters Use alternative petroleum solvents to lower VOC content Use alternative to PERC solvents and techniques Replace perc machine with a dry to dry closed loop non vented machine that contains an integral refrigerated condenser and carbon adsorber Utilize new technologies such as ultrasonic or carbon dioxide cleaning Consider adding a wet cleaning operation for a portion of the cleaning

10 DRY CLEANING Implement a leak detection and repair program Implement good housekeeping and maintenance practices: – Drain filters for 24 hours before disposal, – Ensure waste containers do not leak – Replace equipment as soon as necessary – Clean up spills immediately – Recycle within the industrial process when possible

11 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Fluorescent Bulbs Lead Paint Landscaping Pest Management

12 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Assess your facility for fluorescent lamps that contain mercury Become knowledgeable about the regulation of lamps Establish a process for handling, storing and managing lamps Know how to properly manage broken lamps Educate employees Research cost effective measures for recycling and disposal of lamps

13 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Fluorescent Lamp Recycling – Significant reduction in mercury in landfills – Can be cost effective if managed correctly Switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce energy Dispose of broken bulbs properly – Know the hazards of mercury spills

14 Schools and Universities Mercury Thermometers Laboratory Chemicals Renovation Materials Maintenance Materials

15 Hospitals Mercury – Thermometers – Dental Amalgams – Instrumentation – Laboratories

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