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“Green” Healthcare Susan Hawkins Fayetteville Technical Community College.

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1 “Green” Healthcare Susan Hawkins Fayetteville Technical Community College

2 4 “Green” Principles 1.Sustainable – can it be maintained long into the future; think long-term not short-term 2.Reclaim or Reuse – products can be used more than once and / or for multiple purposes 3.Waste Reduction – creating as little waste as possible 4.Inclusive Actions - Activities that protect the environment.


4 Why is “Green” Important 1.Healthier 2.Reduces Pollution 3.Decreases Dependence on Other Countries for Energy 4.Minimal effect on the environment 5.SAVES MONEY!!!!!

5 Why is “Green” Important to Health Care? Because of their mission, Health Care Facilities often have a much larger impact than other industries To ensure the availability of resources in the future, it is crucial that Health Care facilities practice “Green” wherever possible Proposed legislative changes prevent large expenditures in areas not directly involved in patient care

6 “Green” Impact Areas in Health Care Facilities Management Waste Management Water Management Operations Management

7 Facilities Management Zero Mercury Making Medicine Mercury Free Initiative Substitute Devices: – Thermometers – Galinstan Thermometers – Sphygmomanometers – Aneroid and Electric Based – Esophageal Dilators – Tungsten Powder in Gel – Electrical Switches – Mechanical and Optical Devices

8 Facilities Management Green Building / Remodeling Practices Paints – Water based Sustainable Flooring – Resilient, Healthy, and from easy to harvest sources Building Products – from renewable sources and ensure patient and employee safety

9 Facilities Management Housekeeping Ensure minimal use of products Products that are effective and safe for the environment Reduce or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Ensure level of disinfection is consistent with use; don’t overuse cleaners, but ensure critical areas meet required levels

10 Facilities Management Energy Consumption Use Natural Lighting Auto on / off Switches Only Light Areas Being Used Energy Star Appliances

11 Waste Management Four Types of Waste in Health Care 1.Regulated Medical Waste 2.Plastics / Recyclables 3.Sharps 4.Solid Waste

12 Waste Management Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Ensure only RMW is contained in RMW containers Provide general purpose containers in areas where RMW containers are Ensure containers are appropriately marked

13 Waste Management Plastics / Recyclables Ensure recyclables are not in other trash containers Provide plenty of places for employees, patients, etc. to place plastics and other reusable materials Partner with local waste management companies to recycle goods Educate stakeholders about recycling and associated benefits

14 Waste Management Sharps Reuse sharps containers by partnering with a waste management provider that disposes of sharps without the container Sharps containers made from recycled materials Separate sharps from recyclable items Separate sharps from solid waste

15 Waste Management Solid Waste Compost food and other organic / non- infectious waste Develop a comprehensive waste segregation plan to ensure solid waste does not end up as RMW Purchase materials in reduced or recyclable packaging

16 Water Management

17 Use of Low Flow Toilets Rainwater Capture Systems for Landscape Maintenance Auto on / off on all sinks to shut off water when not in use Appliances with Lower water needs such as High Efficiency (HE) Washers Water as requested

18 Operations Management

19 Electronic Health Records Digitize administrative functions Reusable instead of disposable Employee training and retraining Green Purchasing Recycled Goods Lower impact products

20 Operations Management Embed “Green” practices into every aspect of the organization Make it easy for employees to participate Share the rewards / benefits Publicize the benefits within the organization

21 Even the smallest effort makes a difference and leads to even bigger efforts.

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23 References Sustainable Hospitals bin/DB_Index.cgi bin/DB_Index.cgi Sustainable Sandhills ml ml

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