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Snow City Cafe: A Green Star Success Story Wednesday, November 29th.

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1 Snow City Cafe: A Green Star Success Story Wednesday, November 29th

2 Green Star Assists businesses with pollution prevention, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. –Youre busy so we can do the research. –We publicize your efforts. –Green Star has 270 member businesses, organizations and agencies.

3 The Green Star Standards Sign the Green Star Agreement, committing your organization to the Green Star Award Process. Implement internal initiatives that emphasize Green Star activities. Reduce solid waste disposal. Reduce energy and water consumption. Reduce the use and improve management of hazardous materials and wastes. Reach out to the community about your Green Star efforts. Provide measures of your success. Identify future goals to ensure program momentum.

4 Why Join Green Star? Part of the mission of Snow City Cafe is to promote healthy and happy living while minimizing environmental impact.

5 Implement Internal Initiatives that Emphasize Green Star Activities Green Star Policy is posted in the break room. Green Star efforts are discussed in staff meetings. Creating a suggestion box to encourage employees to be creative in decreasing environmental impact.

6 Reduce Solid Waste Disposal Eco-Soft tissues and paper towels used. Staff uses real forks, customers use ceramic mugs. Reuse paper notepads for orders! Paperboard sleeves are reused. 25¢ discount for customer mugs.

7 Recycling Corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, glass bottles, aluminum cans. Two gallons of cooking oil and grease per day. (note the happy employee!)

8 Reduce Energy & Water Consumption Dining area is lit with very efficient T-5 fluorescent lamps.

9 ...more on Energy and Water Vinyl strips on walk-ins (saves $20/fridge). Low-flow toilets used. Committed to high- pressure pre-rinse valves. Serves Alaska Chip Company chips rather than tortilla chips from FSA.

10 Decrease Hazardous Waste Working with Asplund Supply to identify green cleaning products. Is conservative with ice melt use in winter. Serves organic teas and organic greens.

11 Reach Out to Community Table postcard describing Green Star efforts. Donated sandwiches for Green Stars electronics recycling event.

12 Measuring Success Two gallons of cooking oil per day. Keeping track of electricity and gas use.

13 Future Goals Place occupancy sensor in walk-in coolers. Change incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps in restrooms and under the hood. Purchase a more efficient pre-rinse spray valve (1.6 gallons of water/minute instead of 4 gallons!). Switch to non-bleached napkins.

14 Congratulations Snow City Cafe!

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