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1 | Presentation title – 00/00/2012 Higher Apprenticeships at Degree Levels, Opportunities for HE and FE John Chudley CMarEng CEng FIMarEST Adrian Anderson.

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1 1 | Presentation title – 00/00/2012 Higher Apprenticeships at Degree Levels, Opportunities for HE and FE John Chudley CMarEng CEng FIMarEST Adrian Anderson

2 2 Context and Rationale The Government wishes to support the needs of the economy and the aspirations of employers and individuals to develop work-based higher level skills through Higher Apprenticeships.

3 3 Objectives re HLS agenda The ultimate desired outcomes are to: –increase progression offer to HLS; –positively develop clear routes from Level 3 and technician class; –create recognised routes for professions as a work based vocational education route to chartered/license to practice; –engage a new “cohort” of individuals in HLS; –create a respected, credible vocational training offer that will have parity of esteem with more academic education at the same level.

4 4 Business Priorities and Delivery Objectives 2012/13 –Increasing the number of young people starting an apprenticeship. –High quality apprenticeships. –Increasing the number of employers employing apprentices. –More advanced and higher level apprentices on the programme. –Broadening the access to the apprenticeship programmes.

5 5 *provisional Historical Starts

6 6 *Provisional. Darker sections indicate previous full year position Higher Apprenticeship Starts - by framework

7 7 Progression 2 4 3 5 6 7 Professions CEng IEng EngTech

8 8 Higher Level Skills There is a continued need for accessible HE Information Advice and Guidance, particularly for employers, who are important gatekeepers Completing Advanced Level Apprentices generally expect to stay with employers who have supported their training, particularly where there are opportunities for promotion Whilst progression figures suggest low levels of progression from Advanced Level Apprentice to HE (4–13%) a significant number aspire to higher level education and training ~50% of apprentices who complete an Advanced Level Apprenticeship show an interest in pursuing a degree-level equivalent course There remains a need for continued HE awareness and aspiration raising amongst such work-based learners and development of innovative/flexible provision (ie. Higher Apprenticeships beyond Level 4)

9 9 Higher Apprenticeships the complete slice

10 10 Apprenticeships and the Professions Do any of the members of your professional body currently join via Apprenticeship routes? Are professional bodies aware of Apprenticeships in their sectors?

11 11 Memberships grades and qualifications Percentage of respondents whose lowest fully professional membership category requires qualification at each QCF level

12 12 Higher Apprenticeships In your opinion, would Higher Apprenticeships be appropriate for your sector as a way of gaining 'license to practice'/full membership?

13 13 Higher Apprenticeship Investment Fund The aim of the Higher Apprenticeship Investment Fund is to create sustainable, Higher Apprenticeship programmes that are based on employer demand, involve education and business partnerships and that are accessible to all, especially small employers. At least 10,000 additional Higher Apprenticeship places over 4 years

14 14 Higher Apprenticeship Frameworks available in 2011/12 Academic Year Framework NameSector Subject Area AccountingBusiness, Administration and Law Business and AdministrationBusiness, Administration and Law Contact Centre OperationsBusiness, Administration and Law ManagementBusiness, Administration and Law Providing Financial AdviceBusiness, Administration and Law Construction Technical Supervision & Management Construction, Planning and the Built Environment Engineering Manufacture (Senior Technician)Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Food and DrinkEngineering and Manufacturing Technologies Water IndustryEngineering and Manufacturing Technologies IT, Software, Web & Telecoms ProfessionalsInformation and Communication Technology Life ScienceScience and Mathematics

15 15 Policy Context and Opportunities for HE and HE in FE 2010/11 – 457,200 Apprenticeship Starts July 2011 – Prime Minister announces Higher Apprenticeship Fund Approximately 30 Partnerships supported to develop new Higher Apprenticeships and stimulate take-up -Rationale - business need, development of Apprenticeship family ‘craft’, ‘technician’ and ‘professional’, social mobility -Breadth of organisations involved FE, HE, private providers, awarding organisations, professional bodies and employers September 2012 – Consultation on Criteria for Higher Apprenticeships at Degree Levels – levels 4 – 7 and naming conventions

16 16 Higher Apprenticeship Consultation Emerging Issues 1.The criteria for Higher Apprenticeships at Levels 4 and 5 (Certificate of HE and Foundation degree levels) 2.The criteria for Higher Apprenticeships at Levels 6 and 7 (Bachelor’s degree level and Master’s degree level) 3.The naming of Higher Apprenticeships at Level 4, 5, 6 and 7

17 17 Higher Apprenticeship - Challenges and Opportunities for HE and FE Higher Apprenticeship, builds on good practice in work-based learning and the accreditation of knowledge and competence. Challenges; competition, the QCF, Awarding Organisations, private providers, professional bodies – or opportunities for greater collaboration? Opportunities; engagement of employers, professional bodies, demonstrating a learning programme delivers sector requirements, engaging new cohorts of learners, supporting social mobility.

18 18 How to Get Involved in Higher Apprenticeship -Talk to UVAC, NAS and the Higher Apprenticeship Fund partnerships -Look at Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning – The future of higher apprenticeships in the UK -Look at Apprenticeship Frameworks online -Talk to employers and partners -The Government’s response to the Consultation on the Criteria for Higher Apprenticeship at Degree Levels

19 19 Conclusion Skills Strategy at the heart of the Government’s Growth Strategy Apprenticeships at the heart of the Government’s Skills Strategy

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