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Microsoft Office © Copyright William Rowan 2007. Objective By the end of this you will have being given a brief introduction to: Microsoft Word Microsoft.

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1 Microsoft Office © Copyright William Rowan 2007

2 Objective By the end of this you will have being given a brief introduction to: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel

3 Microsoft Word What is Microsoft Word? Microsoft Word (MS Word) is a word processing programme It allows you to create reports, publications and other documents


5 Microsoft Word When you start up MS Word you can use the templates option to help you set up your document To do this use the “File” menu and then select “New”

6 Microsoft Word This will open a new menu on the screen

7 Microsoft Word Select templates on my computer to view the range of templates that can be used

8 Microsoft Word Toolbars

9 Microsoft Word Shown on the previous page are some of the toolbars associated with MS Word To turn on or off a toolbar simply right click anywhere on a toolbar and click on the one you want to turn on or off

10 Microsoft Word The tool bars help you to format your document i.e. change font style, colour, size, etc… Change the format of the font to styles such as headings, etc.. Change the style of font in the document Change the font size Apply Bold, Italics, Underline to the text Change the position of the text on the left, centre, right of page Apply numbering or bullets to the text Highlight text Change font colour

11 Microsoft Word At any time to find out what each of the buttons mean simply place the cursor of the mouse over them and a text box will appear with the name of the button

12 Microsoft Word How to insert a table of contents A table of contents gives readers a brief outline of the topics discussed in a document and helps them find their way around it. To create a table of contents you will need to format the style of your documents (using the formatting toolbar shown previously) so that headings have a particular style (see next slide)


14 Microsoft Word Once the formatting is applied you can now insert your table of contents (TOC) by doing the following Click on the place in your document where you want TOC to be inserted Click on the “Insert” menu Go to “Reference” and then “Index and tables”

15 Microsoft Word

16 The following dialog box appears Click on the “Table of Contents” tab and then click OK

17 Microsoft Word Your table of contents will now appear in your document

18 Microsoft Word Headers and Footers It is possible to insert a header and a footer as shown below into your documents

19 Microsoft Word To do this click on the “View” menu and then select “Header and Footer” This will open up the toolbar and allow you to insert the text you want

20 Microsoft Excel What is Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet programme It is capable of calculations and creating graphs based on data inserted into the spreadsheet Images source: Microsoft Clipart Online


22 Microsoft Excel Again you will notice that some of it’s features are similar to those of MS Word Excel also has toolbars and some are the same as MS Word Excel also has templates that you can use for specific solutions if you require them

23 Microsoft Excel Creating Graphs Excel will create a graph for you to represent information that you have inserted into the spreadsheet

24 Microsoft Excel How to do this Highlight the information for which you want to create a graph for

25 Microsoft Excel To create the chart/ graph you can select “Chart” from the “Insert” menu You can also click on the chart icon on the toolbar

26 Microsoft Excel The following dialog box will appear allowing you to select the type of chart you want to create

27 Microsoft Excel Click “Next” once you have chosen the chart type You now have the option of changing the data range for your graph if you require

28 Microsoft Excel Click “Next” You can now add titles and labels, legends, etc… to your graph

29 Microsoft Excel Click “Next” You now have the option of inserting the graph as an object (similar to a picture) into your spreadsheet or as a new sheet in the document When you make your selection click “Finish”

30 Microsoft Excel


32 You can format the colours of your chart by right clicking on the part you want to change and selecting “Format….” You can also change the chart type and the data range after the chart is created by right clicking on the chart also

33 Microsoft Excel

34 Functions and Calculations Finding the sum or the average of a set of numbers is two of many functions/ calculations that Excel than perform Image source: Microsoft Clipart Online

35 Microsoft Excel Example: How to find the sum of a range of numbers Click on the cell where you want the answer of the function to go

36 Microsoft Excel Click on the “Insert Function” button

37 Microsoft Excel The “Insert Function” dialog box will appear where you will find a range of functions that excel can perform

38 Microsoft Excel List of functions Drop down menu of the categories of functions e.g. Date and Time, Financial Description of what the function does Press this for help on any of the functions

39 Microsoft Excel Select the function you want, in this case it is sum and click OK The “Function Arguments” dialog box will appear

40 Microsoft Excel This will allow you to select the numbers you want the sum of Click on

41 Microsoft Excel This will now give you the chance to select the number by holding the left button on your mouse over the first number in the range and dragging it to the last

42 Microsoft Excel When you have the range of numbers selected hit enter on your keyboard and then click OK to finish the function This will now display your answer in the cell

43 Additional Tutorials Here are some web links that give you access to tutorials on Word and Excel Word Excel

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