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SEM1 1.10 A - Promotion Explain the use of Product logos to promote sports.

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1 SEM A - Promotion Explain the use of Product logos to promote sports

2 Logo Video

3 Importance of Logos Visual Representation Trademarked Property
“The Face of the company” The 1st thing consumers see and remember Trademarked Property LICENSING = Profit $$$$ Marketing Strategies Appears in all advertising and marketing Branding Awareness, Image, Loyalty

4 Considerations in creating a logo
Your company – what the logo says about you: Professional Contemporary (timeless) Stylish Innovative Clear message? Versatile for various media types Can it be reproduced in black and white? Can it be identified up close and from a distance?

5 Considerations in creating a logo
Simple – easy to remember Some of the best “big brand logos” are simple Design Color, shape, size, 3-D, contrast Legibility – if you can’t read, customers can’t Attractive leave an impression, be unique

6 Considerations in creating a logo
Detail: more = higher cost to reproduce Competition – what do they utilize? Trademark your logo With the US Patent & Trademark office Protects logo from unauthorized usage

7 Components of a Logo Type of Logo Company Name
(5 different types) Company Name Does that increase awareness? Pictogram - a symbol/picture/character Tagline – slogan or company motto a brief description of your company or product. Harmony and balance

8 Types of Logos 5 Different types of Logos: Brand Mark Symbol Word Mark
Letter Mark Combination Mark Emblem

9 Types of Logos Brand Mark Symbol
No Words or Letters Represents the company in a simple but bold manner.

10 Types of Logos Word Mark
Is a uniquely styled font type that spells out the company or brand name.

11 Types of Logos Letter Mark – Are exclusively typographic.
Represents the company through the use of its initials or a single letter.

12 Types of Logos Combination Mark –
Combination of a symbol, letter, or word mark.

13 Types of Logos Emblem – An emblem is a physical structure that is usually attached to the product.

14 Characteristics of Effective Logos
Scalability- resized with ease Billboards to business cards Eye-catching Full color, grayscale or just black and white Originality Reflects individuality No clipart or stock images Identifiable – see it once and remember it

15 Characteristics of Effective Logos
Acceptable Legally - does not infringe on other TM Socially – not offensive Avoid design trends fashion changes - camo, neon, zebra Simple Timeless Fresh Relevant

16 Why do teams change their logos?

17 Wendy’s Changes Logo for 2013

18 Logo Articles Logo Meanings

19 Resources useful in generating logo ideas.
Look at competition Internet research Hire a designer Logo history Awards

20 Procedures for designing logos
Design brief What designs are important Research Know the industry and history Reference Logo designs that have been successful Sketching Develop the logo design from brief and research Reflection – receive feedback Presentation Show a few examples and get feedback

21 Activity: Create your own logo!
Create a logo that is unique to you. What type of logo will you use? Remember the components of logos. Incorporate the characteristics of Effective logos. Seek feedback from your classmates. Be ready to explain it to the class.

22 Using Tickets for Promotion

23 Information to Include on Tickets
Event Teams Date Time Place Cost/price Seat Identification Graphics/Logos Promotional Coupons Sponsors Bar codes Restrictions Regulations Security Bar Codes Watermarks Hologram

24 Types of tickets used for sports/events
E-Ticket Print at home Paper – hard copy Mobile phone scan Season Tickets Multiple Game Single Game Group Tickets

25 Purposes of Tickets for Sports/Events
Count attendees/reservations Minimize confusion regarding seating/organization Collect fees and data Souvenir Advertising/revenue

26 Procedures for Designing Tickets for an Event or a Sport
Design the tickets template with event’s theme Choose font type, size and color Choose color based on event’s theme Lay out the event’s information on the template Utilize both sides Determine ticket size and paper quality Purchase card stock Print on pre-cut/perforated paper Consider embed special watermarks to discourage counterfeiting activities

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