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Employing sales-promotion activities to inform or remind customers of business/product Unit 4 Objective 4.04.

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1 Employing sales-promotion activities to inform or remind customers of business/product Unit 4 Objective 4.04


3 PURPOSES & CONSIDERATIONS IN CREATING AN EVENT PROGRAM PURPOSES Provide event/game information PROMOTIONAL TOOL – Keepsake/Souvenir Reminds fans of the team and encourage them to attend more games – Advertisements CONSIDERATIONS of LAYOUT Easy-to-find information about the game Contains space for advertisements – Must match theme – Must relate to target market

4 COMPONENTS of EVENT PROGRAMS ADVERTISEMENTS – GENERATE MORE REVENUE to help with program cost INFORMATION about the event – Players, coaches – Statistics, rules – Schedule, guests

5 PROCEDURE IN CREATING AN EVENT PROGRAM 1.Write a List of Contents and Components to include 2.Create Front Cover – Name of the event – Logos or names of main sponsors – Other relevant information (date, venue) 3.Create Back Cover – Trademark Information – Advertisement for future events 4. Decide on STYLE (Font, colors, etc.) 5. Create Contents Page

6 PROCEDURE IN CREATING AN EVENT PROGRAM 6. Create other pages as Promotional Tools – Articles about performers – History of venue/team/event – Photos of previous events 7. Layout the Advertisements – Match ads to relevant content – For example: Advertise a family restaurant on the same page as the program for a family-oriented part of your event 8.Proofread/ Edit for error 9.Print

7 Quiz Preview #7 What do professional sport teams design for use during games that often become promotional tools because fans take them home? Posters Tickets Programs Samples #18 When designing a program, where should a season calendar be placed in the program? In cast biographies In the ad section On the front cover On the back cover

8 Unit 4 Project Part 5 As the Marketing Coordinator of a NC Venue, it is your responsibility to create an Event Program to help educate and entertain for your upcoming event. You are to create a Event Program to be distributed during the event. – Using Scribus create a Event Program. On the day of presentations you are to have your Event Program printed out. Also create a link to your document on Slide 6. – Your Event Program is to include the following pages: Page 1: Front Cover – Event Name, Logos, Main Sponsors, Other Relevant info (date, opponent, venue, etc) Page 2: Table of Contents – shows consumer what page certain information is on. Middle Pages (Content): – Event participates (Ex: Jason Aldean, Flo Rida, Teams, Coaches/Players) – include pictures and titles – Statistics on players and teams – Articles and Fun facts about performers – History of the venue/team/event – Photos and info of previous events – Event Schedule (at what times will the parts of the event take place) Last Page: Back Cover – Include advertisements of upcoming events (i.e. schedule) as well as advertisements by sponsors of the event. Remember to include advertisements throughout the Program. Match relevant advertisements with content on that page. – Slide 6: Event Program Briefly describe your Event Program. Create a link to your Event Program file. Continue along with Unit 4 Project Part 4. Complete and submit to Edmodo by the end of class.


10 WRITTEN TEXT of a play, movie, radio or television broadcast WHAT Makes-Up a Script? Audio Elements Video Elements Promotional Elements WHY Use a Script? Communication – Directions for event presentation staff Timing Programming – Incorporating audio and visual elements SCRIPT

11 CONSIDERATIONS OF SCRIPTS Announcers must read script in smooth, professional way – Before the event: Script writer and announcer should review script NEED TO IDENTIFY NAME AND PRONUNCIATIONS THAT MIGHT BE HARD TO SAY Text should be clearly written – Double-spaced – Key points should be bold.

12 Quiz Preview #9 When a sport organization employee creates a promotional script for a sport announcer to read during a pregame award ceremony, the employee should include a joke in the introduction to capture the audience's attention. number the copy pages in reverse chronological order. make sure the final copy is single-spaced and the typeface is bold. identify name pronunciations that might be difficult to read. #19 What is it called when the exact words that are to be spoken by an announcer are written out for an event? Sideline Program Yearbook Script

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