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George Washington & National Debt Chapter 6 – Section 1 & 2.

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2 George Washington & National Debt Chapter 6 – Section 1 & 2

3 George Washington – 1 st President - Washington– Very popular with the people - Electors from 11 states (Electoral College) met in 1789 to vote on President. - Washington Elected / John Adams Vice President

4 George Washington Takes Oath of Office!

5 Statue of George Washington

6 The New President - Set examples and traditions (precedents) for Executive Branch- 2 terms, American Cloth, “Mr. President”, farewell address, meet with cabinet regularly - Created 1 st Cabinet- Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury and Thomas Jefferson – Secretary of State - Judicial Branch finalized (Judiciary Act 1789)

7 The New United States - 4 Million People in 1790 - Mostly farmers – wanted fair tax laws & to settle western lands - 1 st Capital – New York City – 33,000 People

8 Federal Building – N.Y. City

9 Alexander Hamilton Plan: - Pay foreign Debt, then Citizens (bond holders), and free up states to invest in building the economy--create good credit - Gain Revenue- Protective tariffs and bank interest - Stabilize- National Bank and National Mint (one single currency)

10 National Bank - National Bank is needed to Safely Deposit federal funds and stabilize the economic system - Make loans to government and businesses - States’ rights opponents didn’t think the bank was constitutional (Jefferson) - Limited bank to a 20 year charter

11 Jefferson’s Views -Against Strong Central Government -Supports and trusts the people (common man) to rule country *Supported Agriculture and Farmers *Lower Tariffs to keep costs low on products that farmers buy -Strict Construction- Against using the Elastic Clause to create a National Bank

12 Opponents to the Bank - Jefferson and Madison opposed idea - Constitution did not grant power to the federal government to create a national bank - Strict interpretation of Constitution – Can only do what the Constitution says

13 N.Y Stock Exchange

14 Supporters of the Bank - Hamilton – Loose Interpretation of Constitution (stretch the Elastic)- congress can do what Constitution does not forbid - Washington and Congress approved National bank in 1791



17 International Conflicts *The Neutrality Proclamation - Remained neutral during war between France and England *Jay’s Treaty- Settled disputes with England *Pinckney’s Treaty- Settled a dispute with Spain over The Port of New Orleans, territory, and borders

18 *Battle of Fallen Timbers- fight with native Americans over western lands *Treaty of Greenville- forced the Natives to give up Northwest Territory to American settlers *Whiskey Rebellion- Washington personally enforces U.S. tax laws Domestic Conflicts

19 Farewell Address *Stay loyal to the union- don’t let anything come between you and your country *Always refer to yourself as an American *Use education to strengthen the country *Beware of political parties *Beware of close foreign alliances *Do not let our nation get into debt

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