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EAPL (Evergreen Animal Protection League) By: Claire Martin 1.

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1 EAPL (Evergreen Animal Protection League) By: Claire Martin 1

2 Map Location: 1260 Bergen Parkway Evergreen, CO 80439 From: Red Rocks Community College (Chow Down - Cat Room) 2

3 Map EAPL Thrift Store From: Red Rocks Community College Location: 27888 Meadow Drive, Evergreen, CO 80439 3

4 Information Contact Us EAPL does not have a physical location. Please use any of these contact methods, provide us with your name and phone number, and one of our volunteers will respond. Mail: Evergreen Animal Protective League PO Box 2517 Evergreen, CO 80437 E-mail: Phone: (303) 674-6442 Webmaster: (303) 679-8224 4

5 Information 5

6 Information 6

7 Objective 7 Do people interact differently, with each other, when animals are concerned? How is the safety and security of the animal dealt with between the organization and the people who want to adopt? Are people more likely to spontaneously adopt when they actually see the pets, and then they don’t really take their situation into consideration?

8 Background 8 EAPL has been around for a long time, I can remember it from when I was a kid and went to a lot of different community events. Animals have always been around me and so this organization was perfect for me.

9 Background 9 First I went to the website and found pretty much all of the information I needed to volunteer or adopt. The site is easy to use and is updated fairly regularly. The Facebook page is updated even more and there are tons of people who share this groups ideas and supports them.

10 Background 10 Several local businesses support EAPL, Chow Down, a local pet supply shop, is one of them. They house the cat room, which is most of the cats that are waiting to be adopted. They have provided a great place for these animals; it is clean and well kept.

11 Chow Down 11 They are also pet friendly and are happy to welcome in your dog or cat.

12 Chow Down 12 All the employees are helpful kind and can tell you just about anything and everything you would want or need to know.

13 Cat Room 13 The clean and warm facility provided by Chow Down to house the cats that don’t have permanent homes yet. Which is kept up by only volunteers.

14 Cat Room 14 This show all of the cats in to cat room that need to be adopted. It also shows which ones that need to be adopted together for those who just can’t have one cat and need more.

15 Cat Room 15 This is the white board that depicts which cats have been adopted. And where to go to start the adoption process.

16 Cat Room 16 Cleaning the cat boxes is part of volunteering in the cat room. It provides them a clean and hygienic place to go.

17 Cat Room 17 Everyday the cats get fresh food and water.

18 Kitten Cam 18

19 Thrift Store 19 There are all sorts of signs and designs that tell you what you are supporting, by buying or donating things from the EAPL store.

20 Thrift Store 20 The people there have good times sorting through all of the donations and get some funny jokes about some of the stranger things that pass through the store.

21 Thrift Store 21 At the thrift store there are tons of cool donated stuff to buy. Volunteering in the thrift store you get to see all the awesome things that people bring in.

22 Thrift Store 22 There are seasonal things available as well.

23 Thrift Store 23 People work tirelessly to set up the things that people bring in. Some people there are allergic to animals and can’t have pets of their own but still want to support the cause.

24 Pet Adoption 24 Adopting form the EAPL entails filling out an application.

25 Pet Adoption 25 There are so many different types of animals available for adoption. The older dogs make just as good best friends as puppies.

26 Pet Adoption 26 If you want to find out anything about the animals that you see you can always contact one of the volunteers or the foster home. All of the volunteers are very friendly and want to inform you to there full extent.

27 Pet Adoption 27 When it comes to adoption people are always wanting and screening for good families that are sure to have considered everything in their lives and making sure their new buddy will fit in.

28 Pet Adoption 28 And remember that you don’t want to get a pet for a gift unless the person you are getting the pet for has met the animal and knows about the adoption.

29 Overall 29 I found that people want these animals to go into acceptable homes were the owners will love and care for the animal forever. People are kind and helpful and more than willing to clue you in on things you would need to know about the future pet, they are even overly zealous sometimes. These people care so much for animals that they are willing to take time out of their busy schedules and look after these animals and volunteer for their cause.

30 Overall 30 People who can’t have animals because of allergies or because of their personal situation have still found was to participate in this organization. There are more ways than just adopting an animal to help them out.

31 Donate Donations The Evergreen Animal Protective League is a non-profit organization, staffed entirely by caring volunteers. We have no paid employees and are not supported by taxes. All funding comes from donations from the public, from grants, and from fund raising activities. 31

32 Donate Donations make it possible for us to meet our mission statement: to continue provide aid to lost, abandoned and suffering animals through rescue, shelter, and education. None of this work would be possible without financial support from people who care. 32

33 Donate If you wish to make a donation to EAPL, it can be done two different ways. Use your credit card to make a donation. Click on the "Donate Now" button below, and it will take you to, who make it possible for us to accept credit card donations. Once you get to their web site, follow the directions and be sure to check the boxes that will authorize them to give us your name, address, and e- mail address so that we may send you a thank you. 33

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