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Its Jump Rope For Hearts Birthday Party & youre invited!!!

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2 Its Jump Rope For Hearts Birthday Party & youre invited!!!

3 Our school is participating in Jump Rope for Heart – Now what? 1.You will learn what to do to keep your heart healthy. 2.You will take home a parent letter & donation envelope. 3.With your parents permission you will become a lifesaver by asking family & friends for a donation to the American Heart Association. 4.Make a list of who you want to ask. 5.You can call them on the phone. 6.You can go visit them. (But Never ask strangers or Go Door to Door.) 7.The easiest and safest way is to sign up online & send out emails. 8.You will be participating in a Jump Rope for Heart Celebration!

4 Make a Jump Rope For Heart Web Page. Sign Up and Join your School Team. 1: Go to 2: Enter the 1 st 3 letters of your schools name and click ENTER 3: Scroll down the list until you find your school and click on JOIN TEAM

5 You are almost done Create your own USERNAME and PASSWORD and then click CONTINUE Fill in the remaining information & have your parents check the Online Waiver box. click CONTINUE

6 T Now you can make your own avatar when you click on Jumpify me

7 Then follow the on screen instructions…. Ask for help if you need it… Follow the instructions

8 Create your avatar

9 Choose a background Choose a song

10 Upload your photo

11 Click on + or - until the photo fits.

12 Write a message

13 Fill in email addresses & hit send!

14 Once you get this message you will know your emails have been successfully sent You can send more emails!

15 I'm doing an important event at my school for the American Heart Association and learning about kids with special hearts. Check out the eCard I made just for you and see how I'm taking care of my own heart too. Please consider making a donation and you too can be a Heart Hero! Click here to watch me jump! Visit my personal fundraising page and support my efforts. This is the email my family & friends will receive. They will click on : Click here to watch me jump and….

16 My family can watch my avatar do jump roping tricks! Then they can click to visit my personal page & this is what they will see…

17 They will click below on Give Now to make a donation

18 The American Heart Association wants to thank you for bringing in lifesaving donations!

19 MEET THE LIFESAVER DUCKS WITH A MESSAGE Get a$5 donation! & receive Camo Quacky & matching Lanyard- YOUR 1 ST THANK YOU GIFT! Camo wants you to know that heart disease can hide just like he can hide using camouflage. Its important to learn how to prevent heart disease.

20 Raise $15 in donations and get your very own Jump Rope!

21 Watch your email in box for your 1st online donation! Sneaky Ninja wants you to know that heart disease can be sneaky too! Eat lots of veggies and get plenty of exercise to stay heart healthy!

22 Print the email, turn it in, & take home MR. COOL Mr. Cool says that its cool to be active with family & friends!

23 Collect $35! To earn the B-day Duck Stripes! Stripes is celebrating all the lives youre saving!

24 Raise $50 in donations and get a JRFH T-Shirt Youll also qualify for a Free Pass to

25 Raise $75 in donations and get a Cool Playground Ball! (PLUS If the $75 is in online donations youll get Mr. Cool Too)

26 Raise $100 or more to receive GLOW the SUPER HEART HERO

27 Raise $150 in donations and receive a Max Boom Launcher !!

28 Collect $200!! Collect $200 TO RECEIVE Torch who has carried the message about the importance of healthy hearts for 35 years!

29 Raise $200 in donations to also receive the Quacktastic Trophy

30 Raise $250 in donations and receive a Cool, Comfy Headphone!! !

31 Raise $500 in donations and get your very own Walkie Talkies!!!

32 Raise $1000 in donations and receive a Powerwing! All gifts are cumulative (this means you will receive them all) ….But remember you must get online donations to get Sneaky Ninja & Mr. Cool

33 Thank you gifts are GREAT, but are they the most important reason to participate in Jump Rope for Heart? NO WAY!

34 The Ducks want YOU to share theIr lifesaving messages with family & friends! They also want you to know who youre helping! Thats REALLY IMPORTANT!

35 Heart Survivors ! Grace S.. Alicia R. Vince P. Lucy S. Sela P. Caroline O. Marty V. Zoe R. Annie B. Lindsey S..

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