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Fostering 101 Brought to you by the Baltimore Humane Society in Reisterstown, Maryland.

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2 Fostering 101 Brought to you by the Baltimore Humane Society in Reisterstown, Maryland.

3 What Is a Foster Parent? A foster parent is someone who agrees to provide food, water, shelter, basic care and love to a homeless animal until he or she is placed into their forever home! All medical is provided by the Baltimore Humane Society at no cost to the foster family.

4 What makes an animal a foster candidate?  Animals too young for adoption (orphaned kittens/puppies).  Animals that are sick or injured.  Animals that are long term residents.  Animals that are stressed in the shelter.  Animals with behavioral issues.  Senior animals.

5 How to become a foster parent: Submit an application online. Phone interview with the Foster Coordinator. Come in to the shelter and do a foster orientation. Meet with the trainer to find the perfect foster pet for your home. Schedule a time and date to pick up your new foster animal and sign the foster contract!

6 What you get when you pick up your foster animal: For Dogs: You will get the dog, a leash, collar, harness, name tag with your name, the shelter’s name and an adopt-me vest! You may also get prescription food and medication if applicable. For Cats: You will get the cat along with any prescription food or medication.

7 It is a requirement that you are able to bring your foster animal in to see the Vet when he/she is sick or needs updated vaccinations. The medical staff will let you know when your new pet is due to come in to been by our medical staff! All medical concerns while in the foster home must be addressed by the foster as soon as symptoms appear. The sooner we can start treatment (if need be) the better! Medical Check-Ups

8 Networking Your Foster Pet It is important to help us spread the word that your foster pet is available for adoption. You can utilize social media, post foster flyers at your local retailers (with their permission), as well as just letting people know you have an animal in your care for adoption! Your pet will also remain on our website for adoption!

9 A Day at the Shelter or an Off-site Event!  Recently, we’ve come up with the perfect plan to get your foster animal seen for adoption! We offer the opportunity for you to come in to the shelter with your foster animal for potential adopters to meet! You have the option of staying with your foster animal or leaving them here for the day! We will post the details of the date, time, along with a photo of the pet on our Facebook page, letting everyone know that he/she will be here!  Off-site events are also a great way for your foster pet to be promoted for adoption! We have at least 2 or 3 events each weekend! If you are available you could stop by an event on weekend to show off your foster pet for adoption! You would need to stay with them if you choose this option! Also, make sure they’re wearing their Adopt Me vest!

10 Someone’s Interested! Someone wants to meet your foster pet!  Once the interested parties’ adoption application is approved, the Foster Coordinator or trainer will contact you to set up a time/date for you to bring your foster pet in to meet with their potential new family! You have the option of staying for the introduction (recommended) or leaving the foster pet there and coming to pick them up following the introduction! Going forward with adoption!  Once the meeting goes well and is approved by the trainer, Foster Coordinator and Adoption staff, we will then set a time and date for the new family to come complete their adoption! Depending on the date of the adoption, you can leave the foster pet there (if it’s the next day) OR return the foster pet on the day of the adoption.

11 1601 Nicodemus Road | Reisterstown, MD 21136 | 410.833.8848 |ext. 223 Know the reward of saving two lives! ************************************ The Baltimore Humane Society has a great foster program! When you foster a homeless dog or cat, you are saving the lives of 2 animals - the one you care for and one who fills the newly opened space in our no-kill shelter! Please contact Danielle, our Foster Coordinator at You can also check out our Foster page and submit an application by clicking on the following link:

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