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1 While you are waiting for this session to begin please make sure your audio is working. Go to the Tools menu, select Audio and then Audio setup wizard and work through the prompts. Introduction to Elluminate

2 Topics 1. What is a Elluminate? 2. Elluminate’s interface 3. Moderator’s tools 4. Application Sharing 5. File Transfer 6. Recording a Session 7. Tips for Effective Participation in Meetings

3 What is Elluminate?  Elluminate Live! is a real-time virtual classroom environment designed for distance education and collaboration in academic institutions.  Basically, Elluminate is a web conferencing tool. It offers the opportunity to interact with others even though you may be miles, even oceans apart.  FCLA has licensed Elluminate so that FCLA staff can host training, presentations and group work sessions.  CSUL has licensed Elluminate so that the 11 State University Libraries can also host sessions.  Elluminate incorporates multiple technologies such as online chat, interactive tools, mics, video, file sharing and application/desktop sharing all-in-one.

4 Let’s look at the interface

5 Elluminate Live has 4 main windows

6 Participant Info Window  The Participants window provides a list of all Participants and Moderators in the session and their current permissions. Permissions range from speaking (Audio), sending Chat messages, using the Whiteboard drawing tools, Application Sharing, Video webcam, and File Loading permissions. This is also where you can view polling responses and see activity indicators for each participant.  NEVER click in this window, only click below where you can raise and lower your hand, use the emotion indicators, poll, or step away from the session.

7 Understanding participant privileges

8 The Chat Window  The Chat window is where you can send and receive text messages. You can direct your messages to one Participant, selected Participants, Moderators, everyone in this room or everyone in all rooms. Remember that Moderators see ALL chats.

9 Audio  The Audio window lets you participate in conversations during the session. Your computer must have a sound card, microphone and speakers (or a headset) to use the Audio feature.  Audio Set Up Utility  Tools  Audio  Set up Audio  Microphone

10 The Whiteboard/Tools  The Whiteboard is the main presentation window. Use this region to load presentations. You can also use the tools on the Whiteboard to draw or write. All the objects and images on the Whiteboard are dynamic and can be modified. You can print the Whiteboard screens or save them to a file to review later.  Tools

11 Moderator’s Tools  Saves the Whiteboard or Chat conversation to a file.  Prints the selected Whiteboard screens.  Displays the current window layout. Use the pull-down menu to choose a new layout.  Shows or hides the polling responses from the participants. By default, polling responses are hidden. When this button is selected (dark gray) the polling responses will be visible to all participants. Locks the polling responses, preventing participants from changing their response. Publishes polling results to the Whiteboard.  Opens the Presentation Mode dialog that lets you display the Whiteboard or an Application Sharing session in Presentation Mode.

12 Moderator’s Tools  Enables the Application Sharing feature, which allows users to share application(s).  Displays the Multimedia Library dialog box, where you can load, play, stop playing, and delete a multimedia URL or multimedia file. When you are playing a multimedia file, this file will be displayed in the Multimedia window on all the Moderators’ and Participants’ machines.  Show the File Transfer window. The File Transfer window appears, which allows you to Open a File or URL, view the list of shared files, save, and delete the shared files.  Enable video camera support. The show Video window button is added to each Participant’s and Moderator’s toolbar. The Video permission column is added to the Participants table with hosting Video permission assigned to the Moderator.  Enables the Web Tour or Web Push feature. The Enter URL dialog box appears where you can enter a URL and push the participants to this web site.  Opens the Timer dialog so you can set timer options and start the Timer.  Opens the Notes window so you can take personal notes.  Takes you to the Elluminate website.

13 Application Sharing  Application Sharing allows a moderator or participant to share any application or the entire desktop with other attendees. The host of the application share can grant remote control of his or her application(s) to others. This allows for true hands-on training, demonstrations, and support applications.  In the Application Sharing window, the participant will see all of the contents of what you are sharing. This window will sit over the Whiteboard area and should the participant should be able to re-size it on their screens in the usual window re-sizing manner.

14 Application Sharing  Open the website or application(s) you wish to share (in the background of your Elluminate Live session window).  Click (this is the start and the stop button).  From the dialog box, select the application tab.  All the applications currently visible on your desktop will be listed.  Choose the application you wish to share.  Click OK to begin sharing.  The icon next to your name in the Participants window will be highlighted in yellow to indicate that you are sharing and controlling your application(s).  NOTE: Your toolbar that is normally at the top will be on the side in your session window.

15 Application Sharing  Clicking the box beside "Share entire desktop" is not recommended. Then the other participants will see your Elluminate Live session within their own. This causes a great deal of confusion.  To pause Application Sharing, click on the toolbar.  To stop Application Sharing, click.  Stop and Start are the same buttons.

16 Application Sharing  Give Control When you give control of your shared application(s) to another participant, he or she will be able to move your mouse and interact with the shared applications.. 1. Start hosting an Application Sharing session on your desktop. 2. Select the participant in the Participants window to whom you wish to give control. 3. Right-click (Control+Click on the Mac) on the name selected and select Give Control of Shared Applications from the menu that appears.

17 File Transfer  The File Transfer feature permits files to be uploaded to the server to be shared with everyone in the session. Uploaded files are pushed out to everyone in the session at a low priority, but must be explicitly saved by the receiving Participants and Moderators.

18 Recording a Session  The recorder captures all activity in the main room including audio, text messages, whiteboard screens, and application sharing.  Private text chat messages are not recorded.  Record a session so that you can:  Provide the recording to participants who may have missed the session.  Create a series of recorded sessions and make them available to your participants as resource materials.  Review your own session to evaluate and improve your teaching and moderating style.

19 Tips for Effective Participation in Meetings

20 Tip 1: Be prepared  Download or update Java software well in advance  Have your headphones plugged in before joining the session  Put reminders on your desktop  Check the context for the online event  Read pre-event documents

21 Tip 2: Be organized  Plan to enter the meeting at least 10-15 minutes early  Check your audio equipment on entry  Organize your materials

22 Tip 3: Know who to call for help  Lisa Tatum at FCLA  352-392-9020 X353

23 Tip 4: Plan to focus  Login in from a quiet space  Switch off all phones  Turn off your email notifications

24 Tip 6: Take your own notes Click the Show/Hide Notes window icon to activate

25 Tip 7: Save the chat text Select the Save icon Select a folder and give the file a name

26 Tip 8: Save the whiteboards Select the Save icon Choose a folder and select PDF format

27 Tip 9: Be interactive Talk through your headphones! Use the Chat box!

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