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Moderate a Meeting. Meeting Layout WHITEBOARD Participants Chat Audio Tools Record Controls.

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1 Moderate a Meeting

2 Meeting Layout WHITEBOARD Participants Chat Audio Tools Record Controls

3 Whiteboard Drawing Tools Image Tools : 1.Insert Graphic 2.Insert Clip Art 3.Screen Capture Insert PowerPoint Presentation Converts to Graphics No Animations Create New Blank Slide Navigation Tools Think of the Whiteboard as a series of interactive slides. You can have total control of the whiteboard, or you can delegate write privileges to other meeting participants. Grouping Tools

4 Chat Type Message Here Send Recipient Which messages to view. Note: Private messages can be viewed by moderator. Announcement (Moderator Only) Pops up in window

5 Audio Control Control speakers microphone (Moderator only) Volume Control Mic On / Off

6 Participant Control Hand up / Down Emoticons Step away Participant List Permissions for all Permission for Individuals Emoticon Display Quiz Answer Talk Chat Whiteboard write Application share

7 Tools Save: Chat Whiteboard Print: Whiteboard Current All Selected Layout Poll Controls Show Lock Publish Yes No You can change the polling Type to multi-choice from the Tools / Polling Menu Full Screen Whiteboard Share Applications Stream Multimedia Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP3 Flash, Quicktime File Transfer Video Web Tour Timer Notes

8 Polls Display Results Lock Results Publish Results Votes Use Tools / Polling from drop down menu to change poll type

9 Share Application Select you application to share. Your application must be open on you desktop In Options – select “Switch To Mini-controller” Bring your Application to the foreground Restore Mic On/Off Show Chat Clear Hands Show Full Screen Show App Share Screen Stop / Pause Sharing Snapshot To whiteboard Show Video

10 Request Application Request Control Scale Icons only appear when participant moves mouse to top left of window. Regain control = ctrl space Participants can share their applications

11 Multimedia URL Multimedia File Delete Selected Stop Play Loaded Files

12 File Transfer Automatically starts transfer. Prompts participant to save

13 Video Enable/Disable video Display/Remove Video Window Hide Controls Size up / down Snapshot Preview On /Off Transmit On /Off Quality

14 Video One video source only “Transmit Off” releases transmit channel for other participants Regain control by disabling a participants video in the Participant Control Panel

15 Web Tour Copy URL to chat room Tour On / Off Navigation

16 Timer Time the session Time a poll Time a breakout session

17 Notes Notes are automatically saved on your hard disk Export to.txt to print Export to.eln for import on Another machine Show available notes Export / Import Notes Take Notes Here Search & Delete

18 Break Out Rooms Private Whiteboard, Audio, Chat, Video, Web, Multimedia Distribute participants to rooms as required Private Breakout rooms – must have a participant in them Normal Breakout rooms Active for the duration of a meeting (or until closed) Can be preloaded with PPT or whiteboard files Timer and announcements go to all rooms

19 Private Breakout Rooms Highlight participants (ctrl-click) Left click Send to Breakout Room New Private Breakout Room Room is closed when participants leave

20 Normal Breakout Room Step 1 – Create Room Left click in white space in Participants panel Step 2 - Move participants Select Participants (ctrl – click) Left click, Send to Breakout Room Select the room

21 Breakout Rooms Return everyone to the main room Left click in white space in Participant panel.

22 Breakout Rooms Copy whiteboard screens from Breakout rooms to the Main Room Tools / Whiteboard / Explore screens from drop down menu. Copy Paste

23 ESP Lets you know when Participants are lagging behind. Whiteboard Audio App Sharing Video Gives you the opportunity to let them catch up. Orange – lagging behind a little Red – lagging behind a lot. With the exception of video, may be Worth waiting for the participant to Catch up.

24 Recording Record Pause Indicator Recordings stored on server Records everything from master window except : Notes Timers Private Chat Access Recordings from server by date. Left click. Properties Over the meeting name will display the URL Can be accessed via The URL

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