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Using the Webex Interface

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1 Using the Webex Interface
eTeacher 2009

2 Entering Class To enter a class, go to:
At the top of the page, click on ‘host login’. After entering our username and password, we will see the class schedule.

3 Entering Class Click on ‘My Meetings’, to see your classes. Important:
Students can enter class 15 min. before class starts. If the teacher enters the class before it starts, the students can enter it as well.

4 The Webex Interface

5 Starting a lesson When entering class, before starting the lesson, do the following: Upload material Start conference Record the lesson

6 Starting a lesson - Conference
Conference needs to be activated before each lesson. In the top menu, choose Audio  Integrated VoIP Start Conference

7 Starting a lesson - Conference
At this point, the volume window will appear. It can be closed after adjusting the speaker and microphone volume.

8 Conference - student When entering the class, the student will be prompted to join the conference, by clicking ‘Yes’. A student that didn’t click ‘Yes’, will have the ‘mute’ button under his icon disabled.

9 Starting a lesson - materials
There is no need to upload materials in advance. To insert a file, choose ‘Share Documents‘, and browse your computer. Repeat the process for inserting other files.

10 Starting a lesson – recording
For the lesson to be recorded, the teacher needs to start recording before starting the lesson. In the top menu, choose Meeting  Start Recording. At this point, the recording bar will appear and can then be minimized. The recorded lesson will appear in the student locker, after the lesson ends.

11 Speaking in class Permission to speak in class is automatically given to the teacher + 6 participants.

12 Managing speaking rights
When needed, speaking rights can be passed from one participant to another. To do so: right click on the participant icon, choose Pass Mic, and choose the participant you want to take the Mic from.

13 Managing speaking rights
If the teacher mutes a participant, ONLY the teacher can unmute them back. This is done by clicking on the participant icon and choosing ‘Mute’ or ‘Unmute’.

14 Panels The interface has 5 panels on the right: Participants Chat
Video PowerPoint Notes Recorder

15 Participants Panel Presenting rights icon -
Event materials icon - If the icon is not green, the event materials are still being downloaded.

16 Chat Panel Shows chat messages sent to us.
The bottom window allows us to send messages. The teacher can control students’ ability to send messages to each other.

17 Video Panel Allows us to view our video + 3 other participants.
To start our video, click on ‘Send Video’ Undock allows us to have one video window “float”.

18 PowerPoint Notes Panel
Allows the teacher to view notes regarding the lesson – visible only to the teacher. Uses of the existing notes of the presentation.

19 Speaking in class The microphone is activated automatically. No need to press anything on the keyboard. To mute our microphone, we choose our name in the participants panel, and click ‘Mute’. To unmute, repeat the process, and click ‘Unmute’.

20 Speaking in class Muting a participant is done the same way, by choosing the student’s name from the participants list and clicking on ‘Mute’. Remember to ‘Unmute’, so the student will be able to speak.

21 Browsing materials The page/tab presented by the teacher is the one that is shown to participants. We can open numerous tabs, containing different files and browse through them. The teacher can use the “View Thumbnails” option for presentations.

22 The drawing toolbar Clicking on “share whiteboard” will open a new whiteboard tab. Double clicking the tab name, allows us to change it.

23 The drawing toolbar typing Pointing tool/ laser pointer Lines/ arrows
shapes Pencil/ marker Color selection eraser * For presentations browsing Through slides

24 Drawing tools - tips To display typing correctly, use the backspace key. Participants can only erase their own annotations. Presentations can not be erased.

25 Participant privileges
At default, participant have the following privileges: Speaking rights Chat (with teacher) Chat (with other participants) Annotating on whiteboard Saving the whiteboard Printing whiteboard contents Viewing participant list Recording Adding materials

26 Participant privileges
to change participant privileges while in class, choose ‘Participant’’Assign privileges’

27 Surfing the web Choose ‘web’ ’share web content’.
After entering the URL, the site will be displayed on the whiteboard. There is no option to prevent participants surfing independently. Mac users will have the web page open in a separate window.

28 Presenting Rights Any participant can have presenting rights.
Right click on the participant icon ‘Change Role To’ ‘Presenter’ Hosting rights should NOT be passed to participants.

29 Ending Lesson When the teacher leaves the class, it automatically closes the software for all participants. The only way to keep the class open is to pass the hosting rights to one of the participants.

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