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XProtect ® Access Control Module 2014 Product introduction.

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1 XProtect ® Access Control Module 2014 Product introduction

2 Bringing the best of two worlds together XProtect ® VMS Access control system XProtect Access Control Module Fully integrated video, access control and intrusion solution Operator-aided passage Visual verification of events Video-enabled investigation and reporting Market-leading video management software (VMS) Preferred access control system Cardholder management Access authentication Device and door control Logging Wide portfolio – easy to use Live monitoring Situational awareness (maps and alarms) Advanced investigation and video export

3 Access control operations processes XProtect Access Control Module Cardholder administration Door/access point configuration Search for access events Generate reports Export video evidence Track and validate passages Monitor abnormal events Respond to alarms Assist cardholders with passage Grant visitors access Visual verification Intercom audio Remote control of doors

4 The integration framework concept XProtect VMS MIP SDK Access Control Plug-in Access control plug-in Events Control Access control system 2 Card- holders Access control system 1 Card- holders Core VMS components Core VMS components Video A compliment to existing Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) integration possibilities XProtect ® Smart Client Event and controlVideo XProtect Management Client/Application Configuration XProtect Access Control Module XProtect Access Control Module

5 Freedom to select the access control solution of choice A single and easy-to-use interface to operate multiple access control systems Easy access to the primary and most commonly access control functions Reduces the need to work with multiple systems Unique selling points

6 New business opportunities Expanded business focus – sell complete solutions Explore installed bases Pre-integrated solution – only requires configuration Reduced cost and risk Several Milestone Solution Partners are preparing integrations Integrate customers’ existing access control system Easy-to-use MIP SDK 2014 Benefits for channel partners

7 Supported partners PartnerAccess control systemPrimary marketAvailability Axis A1001 Network Door Controller United States EMEA Q3 Now Bolid Orion Pro Provider: MM Communication RussiaMay 2014 Bosch Access Professional EditionEMEAMay 2014 IS2000 United StatesApril 2014 ISONAS IP Access Control Via App-Tech’s MXPBridge United StatesApril 2014 DNA FusionUnited StatesApril 2014 Plus more than 10 additional partners in development process

8 Licensing XProtect Access Control Module Base License Enables access control functions in XProtect ® Smart Client Allows an unlimited number of access control systems to be connected Includes two door licenses (Door licenses = physical door) XProtect Access Control Module Door License Sold in packs of two doors Access control system plug-ins Plug-ins developed by Milestone are available free of charge Access control vendors may charge for their plug-ins SKUs:

9 XProtect Advanced VMS Products XProtect ® Corporate 2014 XProtect ® Expert 2014 XProtect Professional VMS Products XProtect ® Enterprise 2014 XProtect ® Professional 2014 XProtect ® Express 2014 Milestone Husky™ Series Currently not fully supported Compatibility

10 View live video from the cameras associated with the access points in the access monitor Displays access control events with corresponding video Displays cardholder information from the access control system Live - Access monitor

11 View current door status for example, door open/closed/locked/unlocked or server connected/disconnected Perform certain door commands like lock or unlock Live - state and commands

12 Live - use of maps Access to integrated access control systems via map: Display states of access points Send commands to access points (unlock/lock door) Provides operators with an instant overview and control

13 Track access control events live Apply filters for selection or relevant access points View state of access points and video from associated cameras Control units, such as lock and unlock single doors Access Control tab - live

14 Alarm handling Access control events can trigger alarms in the integrated alarm management function Including: - Alarm list - Alarm handling instructions - Instant access to related video

15 Assisting passage

16 Fly-out triggered by events such as input events (doorbell) or access-denied events The notification includes: Live video from associated camera Cardholder information Two-way audio communication (if available) Support for executing commands such as unlock doors Access request fly-out

17 Investigate individual assess control events with instant playback of associated video A shortcut makes it possible to get a listing of the specific cardholders events in the Access Control tab Investigating incidents – independent playback

18 Investigation and reporting List of access control events Access control event report

19 Extensive drilling and filtering options Perform advanced searches using the many filter options Find events triggered by a specific cardholder or track a person's whereabouts for a given period

20 Search for cardholders to see information details Complement basic cardholder information with a picture (if not provided by integrated access control system) Cardholder administration

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