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Milestone Systems Nikolay Mitev – Channel Business Manager.

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1 Milestone Systems Nikolay Mitev – Channel Business Manager

2 Milestone Systems is a leading global developer of open platform video management software (VMS) for IP network-based video surveillance

3 Our powerful ecosystem

4 IP video surveillance market

5 Source: IMS Research, June 2014 Compound annual growth rate 2013 – 2018 26% VMS market overview

6 Milestone growth

7 Milestone 16.2% 15.3% 10.3% 6.8%4.0%3.9% 3.8 % 3.5% 3.3% 2.3% 30.5%* Total market = USD 941 M Source: IMS Research, June 2014 *This market share is a combination of all remaining vendors Milestone is the market leader for VMS

8 Integrations with other systems Increased focus on ease of use Video analytics as true value add Performance Time Convergence with open platforms Rise of IP surveillance experts Better IP video image quality 2012 Megatrends driving continued IP adoption

9 XProtect IP video surveillance software


11 Milestone Interconnect™ A unique system concept that allows all XProtect VMS, Milestone Husky NVRs and Milestone Arcus appliances to be interconnected with XProtect Corporate

12 XProtect clients

13 Feature-rich and intuitive client application that makes it easy to control and manage installations of any size XProtect ® Smart Client

14 XProtect ® Web Client Simplified, web-based interface for viewing, playing back and sharing video from the most common operating systems and web browsers

15 Free application for smartphones and tablets which enables users to effectively monitor their Milestone video system from anywhere at any time Milestone Mobile


17 What is Milestone Arcus? Milestone Arcus is the video surveillance platform designed for embedding into hardware technology to produce an efficient, intuitive and ready-to-use video surveillance solution

18 Who is Milestone Arcus for? Hardware technology vendors with Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows operating systems Typical devices present out on the edge of the video surveillance solution Network storage IP Cameras Switches Consumer electronic devices Embedded surveillance device on the edge


20 NVR PX2, 4 TB, 8 camera licenses, 3 years SUP PX4, 4 TB, 8 cameras, 3 years SUP PX4, 8 TB, 16 cameras, 3 years SUP NAS Application PX2, PX4, PX6 IX2 & IX4 Options for the above Stretch encoder card (16 channels) Additional camera licenses Extended SUP/ Warranty (5 years) PX2 PX4 PX6 PX12

21 How to deploy & use? Power on NVR Pre-installed Automatic system configuration Automatic camera discovery and configuration Automatic license handling Use Enter the NVR IP address displayed on the NVR into a web browser and click “login” to view video Fine-tune All-in-one easy to use interface


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